Polish Salt Mines, 8th Wonder of the World

It takes a minute for slide show to open up. Also, below are my remarks of this 8th Wonder of the World — hidden. https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1cVu25IipxtkYOj-zg_d1HZES2Ayfie1_P7IN-UULmLk/edit#slide=id.p3 My notes to a friend: You are my friend also.   To me, the salt mine is so breathtaking, it might be called the 8th wonder of the world. It […]

Joan of Arc Tries to Stop Wars But is Burned at the Stake

From my book, Joan of Arc who in the 1400’s received visions to stop the 400 year war between France and England. It wasn’t customary for women to be in war, but the French King Charles let her ride with them for inspiration. She didn’t fight but the enemy wounded her. She was eventually arrested […]

Stephen King: News and the Day I Scared Him

Hot off the press, much of Stephen King’s original works held inĀ  a basement in Bangor, were destroyed by a flood when the main pipeline broke. Autobiographically speaking, one of the most unusual things which happened to me concerned Stephen King, the master of mystery, horror, and suspense. In 1998, I was employed at George […]

Funny: Paul Watson on Racist Sh-t hole countries

I’ve written extensively on the Black workers of Haiti who slaughtered the entire White French population on the island, the USA sent the Marines 5 times to help the Blacks. I’d never help murderers and killers, as the Jews of Israel who killed Jesus, head of Christianity, no matter what branch. Also, it’s really odd, […]

"Germany Must Perish?" "Israel Must Perish"

Arthur Topham took the Jewish book, “Germany Must Perish” and changed the words to “Israel Must Perish.” The Jewish author suffered nothing for wanting to destroy the entire German Race, and Germans first to go extinct, 1.6 birth rate, plus the slavery, Jew-bashing, violence against them. But the Jew’s and all the laws we have […]