Free Alison Chabloz in Prison for Freedom of Speech and Truth

It’s only my comment, but if and when the Whites are freed, I’d be able to sing in karaoke, the words to Alison Chabloz’s songs. Blacks sing about Whites all the time, why can’t oppressed Whites sing about the Jews? Jews only black music to program and terrorize Whites since Motown and Phil Spector who […]

Jew Weinstein Goes Bankrupt; Blacks Killing White People; Jews Bash to death the Germans

You’ll see a link below showing Jew Weinstein, Hollywood scum, biggest US Box Office grosses were below. I heard on David Duke radio the horror of what two of the movies did to the White people. In Django Unchained, the Black man says something like, what’s there no to link about killing white people. Jews […]

Autistic White Convicted in Holocaust Jewess Murder

More info below. I’m not violent, but I wonder if the woman was a Polish Christian Holocaust survivor if it would have made world-wide news? I’ve had so much violence against me as a White good woman, it’s only a miracle I had the patience of Job.

White Emperor Maximilian, Empress Charlotte, Mexican Illegals, and Cinco de Mayo

From my book, a condensed version of why Whites go into ecstasy for Mexican Cinco de Mayo. About, 1962, Sister Rose finally fell prey to a Brown Mexican illegal alien’s scheme. He met my sister and soon wanted to marry her. Since she had a holy background and loved all the races, she proudly brought […]