Charlottesville Jury Selection today of our White Prisoner

I prayed today for the Charlottesville case, and asked my Sister to pray. The jurors¬† are picked, and the White defendants. The Whites were accused of beating a Hip Hop Artist. Look how the hateful faked media pictures him. It’s the only picture that comes up at the beginning. Jacob Scott Good-wyn. (we will win; […]

Russian Jews and the Great Boston Fire, 1908, Added to Several Others

Jews started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871: “Who Started the Fire? There are many theories about how Chicago’s Great Fire of 1871 started. It began in a barn belonging to Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. Some people believe a thief knocked over a lantern while stealing milk from the barn. Years later, a man named […]

To Jewess: Go Home, Back to Auschwitz, Poland for Re-education

The Jewess’ had a plot to rule my White Polish people, family, Veteran, and me, through her Jew husband’s diabolical banking practices. From 1025-1945, seven Jewish banking “families” ruled all seven Polish “tribes.” Those Jews are now all here or in Palestine playing “God,” “Emmanuel.” Auschwitz, Poland was a “Work camp,” as the sign at […]