Jews and Muslims beat, tortured, and raped: historically up to 50,000,000 European boys and girls as White slaves.

From my autobiography: I performed for several years at “Bill’s Gambling Hall,” across from “Caesar’s Palace.” But what I discovered was “Bills” was formerly called “Barbary Coast.” Can you imagine the nerve of the Jews who ran Vegas putting up a casino glorifying the torture, rapes, and suffering of nearly 6,000,000 White European boy and […]

Jewess Barbie Doll Stolen from White German Christians

From my autobiography: Writing is exposing. The book I read Editors on Editing (which Jews will surely destroy) says since the (Jew) takeover of book publishing in 1978, we haven’t had a single progressive thought. And Jews twisted it and call us “Progressive.” Even my autobiography which stemmed from emails sent to a famous Hall-of-Fame […]

Vatican May Nominate Virulent White British Anti-Semite for Sainthood

Friends, You can’t make this up. In my book, I want all Whites united, as all the others. Whatever your specialty is, I cherish it. I’m tired of being called “Anti-Semite” as I suffer with writings about the Jews as the “Anti-Christ.” I came across a YouTube about the trial and pardon of Jew Alfred […]

Jew Kol Nidre Prayer Against Whites

All four audio links below by Pastor Eli James and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, expose the Jewish annual prayer The Kol Nidre. Rabbis and Jews pray to be excused from all the crimes they’ll commit in the next year: cheating, stealing, raping, murder, corruption, bastardizing White species, experimenting and selling body parts, assassinations, monopoly on bank […]

Was Jesus the "Messiah" or are the "Jews?"

Third email today. My autobiography wouldn’t be complete without this blog. Jesus was White from Greek and Roman towns: Bethany, Bethlehem, Capernaum, Galilee, and Nazareth. In my lengthy autobiography, I don’t talk religion, but silently am a disciple for Jesus whose entire 3 years of public life exposed the Jews. No matter how much the […]

Holocaust; Jew-White USA, Communist Russia and Poland = Identical Triplets

Good a.m. Two topics, but need to edit autobiography on White Jesus’ healings today. It’s the dearest chapter in my heart. We’re going to need a miracle or at least the strength to keep up our resistance to our White genocide. Brushed the sleep from my eyes bright and early, 5 a.m. My eyes were […]

May You Rest in an All-White Heaven, Dear Harold Covington I wept as I watched during this video. What did Harold Covington die from? I read a couple of Harold Covington’s books, listened to some audio shows, and talked to him on the phone once. All he asked for was a state or two for the White people. Few interested. Is that too much […]

God's Sacred Words to Whites: Phinehas and Ezra, "No race-breaking!"

From my autobiography. If I raised pedigreed German Shepherds, Whites have at minimum the option of raising pedigreed children, White children. All the other races do it and have their communities for meeting, marrying, mating, even our Jewish masters in Israel. I don’t think we have to be violent; we are civilized and intelligently. What […]