Call and Stop bill S.2497: $38 billion for Jewish wars and security

Friends, I heard Dr. David Duke, (former House of Representatives) say on his radio show that Senator Rand Paul was trying to block the bill to give Israeli’s money. If this bill passes, it gives the Jewish family, $24,000 each. That money will be a bill due attached to your White child’s birth certificate, which will […]

Open Letter from Alfred Schaefer recently sent to a German Communist Gulag: Spoke Truth about 9/11 and the Holocaust

Alfred Erhard Schaefer  Stadelheimer Str. 12 81549 Munich Germany   November 3, 2018 Dear Diane and Jim Thank you very much for your letter dated October 12, 2018. It arrived in my cell in the gulag on October 24. Monica often had her mail held back for many weeks, so I am not complaining. *** The […]

Jew: Lawyer's Committee for 9/11 Inquiry: Department of Justice

Dear Barbara Ann, Today your Lawyers’ Committee announces a response by U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman.  The Department of Justice will comply with 18 USC Section 3332 regarding the Lawyers’ Committee’s Petition. Read all about it HERE. Thank you for your support. Sincerely, Ed Asner, Executive Director David Meiswinkle, Esq,, President Mick Harrison, Esq., Litigation Director

Jews Talmud: They can kill girls and adult women who Jews raped!

Friends,   You can’t make this up.It doesn’t get any worse than this. Since this affects me personally having been raped by a Jewish doctor in Chicago, (autobiography) I’m devastated the Jews not only get away with this, but Whites worship.   Jews’ book said they can kill the child, little girl, or even adult if a […]

Jews Demand a Warning Label on New Testaments (They hate Jesus)

Friends, I believe Jesus was White since the towns he was from were White. All I know is he “stood up to the Jews,” like no one else in history. Jews are terrified and it’s reflected in all their meetings, laws, actions to punish White (Christians) as they murdered Jesus, 11 of the 12 disciples, […]

Jew Israel Pure-Raced; Yellow China too; Why do Whites breed like dogs in the street?

  If anyone has bred outside the White Race, no hard feelings. It’s been pounded into our heads for Whites to fight and flee to other races. China is turning to more babies. No White foreigners. Yellow people only. Their own. Also, they are heralding Communism again and violence. Note on the flags is the Hammer and […]

Dr. David Duke's Ancestor Read 1st Thanksgiving Prayer. Jews need to apologize.

Dr. David Duke’s Thanksgiving Radio show was enlightening. It was about the First Thanksgiving Prayer, 1676, read by his ancestor, Edward Rawson. Against all odds and enemies, he hasn’t stopped for 50 years. And with few rewards, mostly attacks. I read his three books. You can read free on his site. 500,000,000 readers. On this blessed […]