"May the Swastika Rise from the Dust: An American Hung, by Jews World War II

His book: Jews scarred William Joyce in a Britsh protest. A Jew arrested him after World War II, and the only person who said he was the radio announcer over German airwaves, was a Jewish policeman. Joyce merely made a mistake on his British passport. And was executed for it. MAY THE SWASTIKA RISE FROM […]

To Ship the Jews to Madagascar: a Polish Plan, not Nazi Germany

  In this article, the author demonstrates it was Poland 1927, who arranged to ship their Jews out of Poland into the island of Madagascar. The Germans considered the Polish plan during World War II 1940. The author cites Jewish authorities as if the Jews are persecuted for their innocence. Historically, the Whites expelled Jews […]

Louisiana Paper (Jews) Revolution against Russia; at exact time, USA Declares War Against Germany.

The (Elihu) Root Mission to Russia, 1917.   For my book, I enumerate and expound on the many Jewish involvement in the many assassinations of White men as Kings, Queens, Archdukes, Mayors, Ambassadors, their own Israeli Prime Minister, and our USA Presidents. Also, I include how Jews brought White Presidents down such as President Woodrow […]

White Species Pioneer: Kevin Hughes, England

My autobiography will have a chapter on those I’ve studied who were White Species Pioneers, Pride, Persecuted. Only today, I discovered another. For everyone I write about, certainly there’s 1,000 more. That doesn’t count those Whites who have been so intimidated, they can’t think, let alone read, write, or speak to prevent Jewish punishment. From […]

Churchill and Jewish Cigars and Brandy

Vincent Van Gogh: https://www.vangoghmuseum.nl/en/collection/s0083V1962 It’s estimated Winston Churchill who led White Europe into war against Germany, smoked 1/4 million cigars in his lifetime. It was a Polish Jew who funded him with money to start a hate campaign against Germany, as did the kidnapping, cutting off the foot, and murder of Charles Lucky Lindbergh’s 2-year-old […]

How Jews and Blacks Degraded Dixie, the South

Friends, Below the YouTube is my analysis of the Jewish / Black song against Whites, 1927, “Rock-a-Bye Your Baby with a Dixie Melody.” Being a pioneer karaoke singer, (1980) I intensely listen to and analyze lyrics. I’ve already blogged about how Jews stole Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, stole the sound machine from two Whites […]