Jew Rothschild Family Banking System: 4 Assassination Attempts and White Wars of our Best Men.

My upcoming book, “I’m White . . . But a Polish-American Slave to Jews for 1,000 years, reveals Jewish assassinations from the year 30 A.D. John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin, to the Jewish men who attempted to bring down President Trump. Many assassinations in Poland against my kin’s White Kings and Queens. Although this seems […]

Radio Station: Always Elvis Radio, Germany & Autobiography Notes

Elvis only visited one non-American country: he was stationed in the army in Germany. I do tributes to Elvis in costumed karaoke as a woman who appreciated his love. I found this radio station and will listen to it while I edit my pictures. Also, a part of my book on Elvis Meets Republican President […]

Jews and Worms? "Nobody Likes Me; Everybody Hates Me. I Could Eat Worms All Day!"

Took a picture of a lovely, tasty worm this am on my walk. I’ve never eaten one, but hope I get the courage someday! 70% protein! Survival teacher taught me this just weeks ago. A plate of them might make a good spaghetti instead of noodles. (My White shoes! I have an entire closet full […]

Chivalry: Ending the World War III in White Male and Female Relationships

 If you study the painting below, there’s a woman with a baby in her arms behind the curtains on the right. Even in Hitler’s day, when an officer went to White battle, meaning almost certain death, the officer first went to a Mother’s Home to mate and hopefully leave behind his baby in her. It’s […]

CCHR: Worldwide People & Harmful Psychiatric Treatment

From CCHR, Citizens Commission on Human Rights News: I have a copy of a “Living Will,” on me all the time. No involuntary treatment. They helped me handle the Complaints against Jewish doctor many years ago. Remember Jews started psychiatry and psychology for their induced illnesses on us. They keep us scared and dependent on […]