Autobiography Pictures of Jew's Assassination Involvement of White Leaders

Continued List of Jewish assassinations of White leaders with my enhancement I learned in Photoshop. Many more in my upcoming book, I’m White; but a Slave to Jews.     Jewess who assassinated Russian Tsar Alexander. Jew Zapruder was the only one who filmed the Kennedy Assassination. Michael Collin’s Piper’s book, Final Judgment, blamed the Jew Mossad. […]

Autobiography Religious Picture – St. Paul, Mighty Writer

As an author, I can only bow to St. Paul as a mighty writer. If it wasn’t for him, there would be no Christianity or the higher values of Love we know today. Jesus’ disciples wanted to keep their beliefs and doctrines to themselves.I enhanced this photo below with Mac Pages and Photoshop to replace […]

Autobiography My Religious Painting: God is Love

I’ve studied Christian Science and Mary Baker Eddy for many years. Although, not a member now, I hold dear the Holy Bible lessons, the spiritual qualities of God, and man made in His image and likeness. For seven years, I took private art lessons with Claire Wiest, Harvard, Sweden, Who’s Who of women in art.The […]

Autobiography Religious Pictures: Saint with hands crossed. Lil Mary Phagan

I write in my autobiography of a Jew named Leo Frank, owner of a pencil factory, who brutally raped and murdered Lil’ Mary Phagan. I introduced her to the Internet, since I look at the White people’s cause from a woman, mother, sister, daughter’s point of view. I don’t know if Leo Frank put Lil’ […]

Autobiography: I Dream of Jeannie and Jews

I’ve written a tremendous amount analyzing all 139 episodes of “I Dream of Jeannie,” TV shows. I sent the box including DVD samples to the FCC to “Stop the Jewish Monopoly” of Hollywood, TV, radio, plays, news, art, music and every form of communication. I accused Jew producer, Sidney Sheldon, of being partially responsible for […]