What was a good White woman? Add to list: working full-time.

This bible passage describes my life as a homemaker, then add to it working full time. It’s nearly impossible to live up to the Jewess standards for our White Christian women.   Proverbs 31:10-31 The Message (MSG) Hymn to a Good Wife 10-31 A good woman is hard to find,     and worth far more than diamonds. […]

Melania & Me, My Prophecy of the Batman Theater Shooting, July 20, Mama's birthday

If you glimpse my blog link date and pictures: July 24, 2012, it’s 4 days after the horrific Batman shooting. I already had the costume. No sooner I sewed my last stitch and posted them on Facebook, I woke up to the massacre by James Holmes.  https://kkkaraoke.wordpress.com/2012/07/24/batman-shooting-premonition/   Slavs, Slaves, White Melania and me below. […]

Blacks, Browns, Jews, Muslims Run the USA House Banking System? Where'd the Whites go?

For all practical purposes, Whites don’t exist. But I’m still curious. I know little about the government, but to me when I click on all the names for the majority of those who control our banking system, they are Black, Brown, Jew, or Arab. Jews one has to check their last name. Whites are slaving […]

"All in the Family" Jewess step-daughter steals Archie's World War II medals

We Whites have lost 100,000,000 of our men, women, and children for the Jews. In this All in the Family clip, the Jewess step-daughter of Archie and Edith steals his World War II medals. Archie references Jewess thief’s cousin, Manny the Jew. Yes, Jew producer Norman Lear showed this right in our faces, so as […]

Graphic: Rabbis Suck the Blood of Circumcised Baby Boy!

Jewish YouTube removed the video: I sent this before, but am adding my YouTubes back in my manuscript. Oh yes, Jews will pass another law making another part of my book invalid. They can’t stand to have one White Christian woman stand up to those cowards. White European boys were never circumcised. St. Paul confirmed it wasn’t […]