Analysis of the Movie Trumbo

I watched frame-by-frame the movie Trumbo with Bryan Cranston to see if the Jews who monopolize films since they stole White Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine. The first talkie movie, 1927-now, are all Jewish. They used films against the White people and the USA who kindly took them into America. The first big group of […]

Whites: Boycott Jew & Black Super Bowl

It’s not a Super Bowl, it’s a White Toilet Bowl for us to flush our time and money down the drain! Brother the Polak, lived and helped build Miami. But the (Jew) real estate block-busted it, grabbed it from the Whites, and chased my brother’s family into three different homes. He finally had iron bars put on […]

Priest jailed for Warning Fellow Poles About Jews

The article punishes anyone for encouraging a totalitarian state Jews had on one Poland for a millennium. Today in all White countries, where we only have a Jew and non-White monopoly in our own dear homelands.The Polish priest brought up the 1,000 years of Polish domination. Other than myself, that’s unheard of. He was expelled. You can see […]