“The Mayflower Ship” Analyzed

Mayflower 400th anniversary of our White ancestors. I read the Indians slaughtered over 30% of the White Puritans. The Red women kidnapped, chopped them up, and boiled them, as well as those who froze to death or starved as I suffered the last two as White Polish slaves to Jews in South Chicago. At the […]

For Jew Rapist Harvey Weinstein: a Walker or Electric Chair?

Jews’ main weapon to genocide the Whites: Sex. White Race-mixing, Jews’ 1960s sex revolution, homosexuality, lesbianism, pornography, Jew, Black, Brown rapes, media that shows mixed couples for 10% mixed races and babies that end the White line. I think the Jews’ impeachment of President Trump prepared their White audience, (the citizens) for a not-guilty verdict. […]

From the book, Traditional Jewish Attitudes Towards Poles, by Mark Paul.Jews manufactured White World War II for illegal citizenship out of Old Poland, into the now New Jew-S-A. A Jewess’ book, I Have My Mother’s Eyes, a Holocaust Memoir. My book should be  I Weep My Mama’s Tears:A White Slave to Jews’ Memoir! My mother  saw how the Jews ruined […]

What Yellows and Mexicans Think of Christians (Whites)

We’re all European descendants, hence Christian value ancestors. Presbyterians built 450 churches in one Chinese city, and the Yellow Commies bombed and destroyed them all. Many Whites unknowingly have destroyed our Christian values. Worse, they made themselves slaves to Jews as their “Messiah.”My deceased veteran husband grew up in the Presbyterian Sunday School. He named himself, […]