Model on Trial: Lady Michèle Renouf – Post-poned

Friends,  English Lady Michèle Renouf’s trial was postponed. I’m thankful to Fred Leuchter who forwarded Lady Michele Renouf’s powerful impromptu speech at Dresden mourning the 200,000+ dead Whites (Christians) on February 14, 1945. The enemy aimed for 900,000 or nearly a million of our smartest and most religious Whites-the Germans. Why did the Jews do […]

My Book: Give God the Glory

My dear fellow White laborers in White love and White truth, I emphasize “White” since In God I Trust to take care of the other races and religions and help us help ourselves. On an airplane, the mother grabs the survival apparatus first then saves her baby otherwise both will perish. Here’s a YouTube to […]

R.I.P. I’ll Miss Eddie Van Halen!

R.I.P. Sorry to hear about the loss of Rock Star, Eddie Van Halen, of the group, Van Halen. My nephew, Bryan, looks just like him. He was a drummer in a rock band and practiced a lot.When I sung in costumes, self Made-in-America at the Las Vegas MGM Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from 2006-2013, […]

Polish Jew Confessed: Katyn Massacre

THE ISRAELI NEWSPAPER REACHES HOW JEWS KILLED POLES Posted in ■ history , ■ we deceive HISTORY by Maciejewski Kazimierz on 4 November 2016 Israel’s daily Maariv announced to the world the names of Soviet NKVD officers who participated in the Katyn massacre. A Polish Jew, Abraham Vidro (Wydra), who now lives in Tel Aviv, on July 21, 1971 […]

The Jewish Plague

Revilo P. Oliver, USA – Although he blamed Christianity, Jews infiltrated our religions, governments, and royalty many times. Recently, The Warsaw Gazette openly printed his lengthy essays.[i] La Peste Giudaica – Revilo P. Oliver, The Jewish Plague, 4-hour audio.[ii] [i] [ii]