Entry Forbidden to Jews at Polish Hotel!

Polish Piotr Rybak “stood up to the Jews” and wasn’t a coward. He hung a huge banner in front of his Polish hotel saying,“Entry Forbidden to Jews, Commies, and all Thieves and Traitors of Poland.” From the jewish newspaper (2017) he previously ignited controversy when he burnt an effigy of a religious Jew and was […]

My Austrian Heritage: Scared. Possibly “Hitler?”

When I began to hire only Whites and no homosexuals for the #1 Chicago Caterer  to the Stars, 1998, I began to think in terms of “White” and then further, “Polish” heritage. But when I paid for genealogy papers from Daddy’s Lackawanna, New York, (Niagara Falls,) Grandpa Valentine Nowak’s 2nd marriage certificate came back with […]