White David Irving & Lady Michele Renouf vs Jewess Jennifer Grey

About 10 years ago, I attended and enjoyed two David Irving Las Vegas meetings. He’s a holocaust exactitude revisionist. Irving is the only author who researched, wrote, spake, and published from actual documents, diaries, and interviews. I bought his VHS Hitler and his Doctors and the book. Nuremberg, The Last Battle. I asked Irving about an editor […]

Rabbi: White genocide, children burned alive, women raped, mutilated, murdered, men slaughtered

I had this quote in my book and wanted to double check the spelling. I found it on a foreign Facebook, surely taken off in our countries.  Any idea which Facebook country this came from?  Note the Rabbi’s name is “Ishmael” who is one of the Bible’s Abram’s two sons. Isaac was his first and wife Sarah’s […]