Bible: Was Jesus a Redhead?

I’ve crusaded for redheads since my high school friend was red-headed Marilyn Neff. I fixed her up with her husband. Out of 4,300 students at Chicago Vocational, they were all typical, even sarcastic, “teenagers.” But who designed them like that? Indeed, not God. Perhaps Jews TV, news, radio, books, magazines, and movies. Even if we […]

Jewess Emma Goldman’s Speech: “Kill the White Republican President From Poland!”

Jews must be exposed. Not doing so and allowing it makes Whites equally guilty. Knowing is the cure. Jewess Emma Gold-man incited the Polish immigrant to murder the White Republican Christian president. If you read the Chicago Tribune’s 1901 article, her context was restrained when police stood by to keep her from going to far. […]

The Good: Missouri Governor “Rejects Funding Jew holocaust Studies!”

It’s a big big win. My Springfield, Missouri was designated as the #1 Holocaust Jewish research center with million$$ pouring in after a White history teacher supposedly murdered a retired Jewish Missouri State University Professor. He’s in prison. Should I be a good Christian and write or even visit the White Teacher? To reverse the evil […]