God Bless America & Jews

I looked up a YouTube for costumed karaoke. “God Bless America.” Jews wrote it just in time for World War I and then II.  However, Jews always give away their secrets as an inside joke to each other and whoever their war or business partner country they deal with. Jews did the same keeping Poland […]

Mother’s Day: Elizabeth Dilling

From My Book: I’m not able to send Chapter 10 yet since my fairly new computer’s memory is full already. But here’s a short Mother’s Day present from Elizabeth Dilling. Elizabeth Dilling, USA – Publisher and leader of the “Mother’s Crusade” exposed the connection between Communism and the Jews. She traveled to the Soviet Union […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 9

Hello Eurofolks!In this chapter, you’ll watch and discover how I saved a White Baby from the flaming holocaust in the apartment upstairs. What’s odd is the baby’s name was Pamela “Wojcicki,” the same name as the jewess owner and tyrannical dictator who murdered all our works on YouTube, Sue “Wojcicki.”You’ll see the newspaper clip in the movie […]

My Book Song: “In the Year 2525!

Chapter 8, I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews. I mentioned in my broadcast a few days ago that in a year and a half will be the 1,000th anniversary of White Polish Christian Slavery to Jews. Then I discussed Republican Pat Buchanan’s book, Suicide of a Superpower. Will America Be Here in […]

Nazi Head Leader: Joseph Goebbel’s Suicide Photo

Hello folks,When I was performing in Nashville recently, I came across this used German book. I don’t know the value, but it’s entitled Joseph Goebbels. Tagebücher 1945. Die leîzten Aufzeichnungen. From what I read, Hitler’s only constant companion, Dr. Morrell, left the German hideaway bunker three weeks before the end. Another doctor then entered the bunker […]