White Vietnam Veteran’s Agony

Light Ruck Vietnam War Summarized 35 note pages Jews passed the 1961 Affirmative Action Law against White males.  Veterans faced jungle leeches Supervisors nocked White men Drill instructor for White men was a little black person.  Buddhists had reverse swastikas on tombstones. Hot, humid, hell, heavily dressed Deception: Vietnamese people were 5 feet tall. Even […]

Why Whites Wear Black

I’ll be on the air today at 5 pm CST. 518-781-2335 dial 1. It’s a recording. I’ll also send the live video where I edited and added pictures.It’s summer and we don’t see as much black, but it was epidemic for Whites to wear. I began to wear White although not exclusively. I buy White […]

1937: Jews Must Leave Poland

https://ia601002.us.archive.org/12/items/1937i.j.singerexposeaboutpolishgovernmenttreatementofpolishjews/1937%20I.J.%20SINGER%20EXPOSE%20ABOUT%20POLISH%20GOVERNMENT%20TREATEMENT%20OF%20POLISH%20JEWS.png Here’s my synopsis of a 1937 Jewish Wisconsin newspaper article. Bible quote lie: Jews claim: “The voice of our brother’s blood crieth unto me from the ground.” In contrast, Abel was White and Jew Edomite Cain killed him, as Pastor Eli Assembly of Christian Israel teaches. I listened to 165 2-hour Talkshoe internet radio […]

First Lady, Martha Washington’s Cleavage

Jews made showing cleavage a “sin” since they wanted to make breasts and other White body parts seem “sexy” for their pornography empire. Flamboyant: Martha & George Washington Although husband, General President George Washington addressed Christian denominations he made it clear (White Christian) Americans would not be prejudiced against Jews. Think: all Europeans banned them […]