Gina Aversano Jailed for Pasting a Swastika

Gina Aversano, USA – In 2021, first White American woman arrested. Pasted a swastika sticker, an international symbol of fertility and good fortune for 6,000 years! [i] When she was seriously sick with pneumonia, the New York Police Department refused to show her a search warrant, confiscated her computer, cell phones, and political materials. Arrested. Dragged her […]

White President Biden Pardons Two White Turkeys for Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays. I practiced gratitude since Mama’s womb and then in metaphysics 1977-now.White President Biden with a Jewish cabinet and advisors (As Jews did to Poland for 1,000 years non-stop even now Jew Zelen”sky” twice, forcing in 6,000,000 Ukrainians (especially women) to immigrate, interbreed, and replace Polish people.Note in the […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 24-4

“Jews Persecuted White Martyrs.” I designed this mega-chapter for the fearless White people who researched, wrote, published, spoke, suffered, and died to help save Whites, even Caucasian Christianity. Here’s the link to help nourish your fearlessness and encourage other Whites. I’ve written this White martyr list alphabetically. Below are pictures of some of my book […]