Costumed karaoke character: Evita Peron, President’s wife of Argentina. Argentina was home that White German Nazis were fleeing to. The ones who were not given poison capsules so there was only 1 main witness and no disagreement at Nuremberg trials.
Evita Peron President’s wife in Argentina, South American home for fleeing White German Nazis whose crime was not “killing” Jews, but trying to “save White Race!”  We have heard 70 years of constant hate against White Germans, now lets here “the other side,” The “forbidden white side.”
One of the Nazis that fled there was “Adolf Eichmann.” I’m going to look up my own notes about him. From
“Once in the new prison he explains to judge that he was going to deliver talk to students of Vienna about the “1944 financial dealings between the Hungarian Jewish leader Joel Brand and Adolf Eichmann to “save” Jews from Auschwitz, as seen by the British decode service.  Just by saying this the Judge gets furious that just by saying those words of what he was going to do sends him back to the Cell 19.  How does one maintain their sanity like this?”
So Eichmann was going to “save” Jews, not kill them according to documents, not ‘Heresay,’ or Jew imaginative witnesses as the ones that said Nazis turned them into soap, lampshades, shrunken heads, gas chambers. None will come forward and say Jews were loaded with lice bugs that cause deadly Typhus disease which was the #1 war deaths from World War I.
“As for the “Plague War in Poland”, I found in the Journal of the American Medical Association, an article entitled “Biological Warfare: A Historical Perspective”.
According to the article, because of the Typhus epidemic in Poland, the Polish medical community developed a Formalin Q based injection; when administered to individuals in Poland this caused them to falsely test positive for typhus infection. (The purpose was that the Germans would not send individuals from these regions to the Polish labor camps.)
The article admits that most of the Nazi medical testing was centered around typhus vaccines and their development in the medical testing in the camps.
This is the same information that Adolf Eichmann gave the Israeli investigator, Avid Less, in 1962 when he was asked whether he would have purposely send Jews to the concentration camps if he knew they were suffering from typhus. Eichmann emphatically answered no and said he would have attracted the worst of consequences if he had done so. ”
Here’s a quote from Eichmann admitting to the fact that he was responsible for “deporting” Jews. If there were no gas chambers for Jews, how could he be the “master mind” of something that didn’t exist. I am not an authority on World War II but only see it from a “White woman’s” perspective researching history for ideas to save the White species. Jews did a lot of evil things to Whites. Perhaps White Germans got them back. I don’t know. Nor is there time to spend years fighting with Jews who like Jewish lawyers love to keep us tangled up in 7 year trials, or 9 years as Jews persecuted Toronto Canadian Ernst Zundel for denying the number that 6,000,000 Jews died. Not only that, no one even brings up 200,000,000 God-loving people killed under Jewish Communism, or the 20,000,000 Germans that died fighting to save their White German species. We cry for black Africans who soon will be 9 billion people, but don’t even blink at our white self dying off.
“During cross-examination, prosecutor Hausner asked Eichmann if he considered himself guilty of the murder of millions of Jews. Eichmann replied: “Legally not, but in the human sense … yes, for I am guilty of having deported them”.
Jewish judges were without mercy for they were bent on executing him as a “world trial” to make sure we “never forget the Holocaust.” When I talk to my family about what Jews did to us, they don’t want to hear it. “That’s the past; forget it!” Yet Holocaust still haunts us and will forever until we get it straight. If I go away, there will be someone else, for Truth cannot be extinguished or buried but will beg for it’s life.
There was another White Nazi who was called “Ivan the Terrible.” Jews were blood thirsty for him, like a mass of draculas who live on white blood as in Jewish movie: Jew Dracula vs. White Renfield who was destroyed and driven insane by Jew!
Polish Jews of Israel who live on the high and mighty on White tax donations, had this man arrested. John Demanjuk, USA. He was tried and found innocent! That didn’t stop the Jews. For when Demanjuk was nearly 90 years old, they had him arrested (and sent White men of USA to do their bloody work as the White Roman Italians arrested Jesus for the Jews)…. The USA police had to carry him out on a stretcher. Jews have no conscience or mercy. Their genocide of us Whites is going to be the most painful in history. Here’s video on how White USA immigration officers who care less if a trillion brown Mexicans come over the unguarded border and have replaced our innocent unborn White children, but they will come in and gang up on innocent White man, John Demanjuk, for their Jewish justice. This White man was falsely accused and found innocent. But Jews needed ‘News’ for their Jew newspapers and made it up.  Whites “believe” whatever the Jew News say when it is a fact they are famous for “yellow” journalism since at least 1898!

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