666 N. Michigan Avenue Jew Rape

Building where Jew doctor nearly raped me second time
666 N. Michigan, location of Jew doctor’s office who raped me when I was young and convinced me with smooth talking that he was sorry and cured. I wanted help for my Viet Veteran and he nearly raped me again.

666 North Michigan, Chicago. Here’s where Jew Dr. Rejtman tried to rape me again, although this time unsuccessfully. As I put in my youtube, he told me he was cured and I needed help not just for me with bleeding bowels and depressed but for US Marine Viet Nam War Hero suffering from addictions and effects of war. When I went to see him here he came around desk and tried to get me on his fancy “couch”, when I jumped up and started for door. He brought out prescription from pocket and said “Here is the new cure for depression. I’m the head of the hospital and I got it first. I grabbed it and ran. Any depressed person suffering would do the same on a slim chance there is such a pill. But instead of having it refilled I took to Tri-City Mental Health Clinic in Chicago Heights and there the yellow female Chinese doctor looked at it in shock, telling me it was so strong it could have brought on hallucinations or delusions, suicide. I had already been threatened from the first experience below and never told a soul, until I went back to college in English 101 Essay about Saving the White Species in 2006 here in Vegas.
In the same building was another Jew psychologist from the Mind Clinic. The entire floor was burned down where he had sessions by one of his patients. I wonder why? Or since Jews fake fires for insurance, do you think? Is there any truth that 666 is the number of the devil? I hope God Almighty protects me and our White species from the USA and the dangers that plague us now.

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