70,000 Jew Leaders / Blacks & their imps, Child Sex, Satanism, Drugged Homosexuality and Pedophilia, Money, and Murder of Whites: Franklin Cover-Up

“Every perpetrator and victim witness or potential witness who somebody heard about were either killed, put in prison, terrified or run out of state, and discredited. Every perpetrator has been treated like a conquering heroes.” John de Camp, for USA Green Beret.
In the youtube, Robert Sigler, who looks and last name sounds Jew, is questioned by media.His constant remark, with that Jew smile is “no comment.” Remember those two words. When Whites try to confront Jews now and Jews jump up and down with their speech, actions, money, threats, as they did when they stamped so hard on the stairs when Jesus was tried, “Crucify Him,” Whites must not react, just act, and get the international White courts, our new unions, and people in action. Just respond to Jews ads they did to us. No Comment! The Jew repeats to every question: NO COMMENT. AGAIN NO COMMENT. Use that strategy when we bring Jews to justice and they will weasel out with their so called power. Whatever they say, for they are used to winning with Whites for 2,000 years, just say NO COMMENT! Then begin saving the White Race. We must turn away from them, unless it is to bring them to justice. We can suspend any and every law Jews put on the books, as the did in my Poland for 1,000 years.
Otherwise, they will out talk Whites, out spend us, out connect us, out broadcast us, and out unite the other races and religions against us. We have no time to deal with them, but reverse our 24/7 efforts to save ourselves and our White Race, even God, Jesus Christ who stood up to them, and in honor of his mother, Mary. More in youtube.
My notes below: This White man who was a victim, tried to come forward, but was squashed. He changed his story, but wanted to again tell the truth. First his brother was found dead, then he was. Jews and Blacks victimize some of our best White men, especially our best White looking men.
This video pulled off the air.

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Jews use any and all weapons against unsuspecting Whites. Even humans, in this case Blacks, their favorite since 1865, Civil War, which enabled Jews to plan their complete exit from my Poland into the USA today, where they control us.
Here’s videos and links of the Franklin case. Since Jews run news, they call abusing White children – frivolous – as they called Jews war against Whites in World War II – Slapstick Comedy. Our White suffering – a mere comedy for Jew and world entertainment.
Ironically, as all the Jews got off scot-free or less than a slap, the Jews prosecuted and persecuted their top witness, who got a higher sentence than Black Larry King, who masterminded this sex scandal against White children. With the Jews. Black Larry King, Jr. also stole $40,000,000.00 of the funds from the credit union. He paid back $25. He went to a lush, US prison, a million times better than living in African jungles. Jews and Blacks win, Whites, especially our children, suffer terribly.
Whites still have a chance. Jews have only dominated the USA since 1945-1960 (their decade of total annihilation against the White male and race) and until today. That’s only 70+ years. The Whites are not as bad as Poland who had the Jews 24/7 for 1,000 years, since 1025.
“The lawsuit, filed Feb. 1, names these other defendants:
“Lawrence E. King Jr., top executive officer of the failed Franklin Community Federal Credit Union; Peter Citron, a former World-Herald columnist and WOWT personality now serving a prison sentence for fondling two boys; Alan Baer, former owner of J.L. Brandeis & Sons Inc., indicted by the Franklin grand jury on two charges of pandering; Harold W. Andersen, retired World-Herald publisher; Michael Hoch and Kenneth Bovasso, Omaha police officers; Nebraska Psychological Associates (sic), formerly known as Nebraska Psychiatric Institute; the City of Omaha; Omaha School District; Omaha World-Herald; J.L. Brandeis & Sons Inc.; the Douglas County Franklin grand jury; Michael Flanagan, the grand jury foreman; and Samuel Van Pelt, the grand jury’s special prosecutor.”
Black man: Lawrence E. King, Jr.
Jew: Peter Citron:
Jew: Alan Baer:
J. L. Brandeis, same last name of the first Jew Supreme Court Justice appointed when Jews framed President Wilson
Omaha World-Herald publisher. Since late 1800’s Jews, block-by-block, or paper-by-paper, took over the White USA press, which is all Whites have in their minds. Jews robbed the New York Times, Jew Joseph Pulitzer Yellow Journalism, New York World.
Jew: Adolph Ochs, takeover New York Times from White owner. George Jones and Henry Raymond started it.
“In 1851 George Jones and Henry Raymond, two former “New York Tribune” staffers, started “The New York Times.” The paper began a long tradition of political coverage during the Civil War and of investigative reporting with the Tammany Hall scandals, but by the late 1800s it had lost popularity to the yellow journalism of the Hearst and Pulitzer papers. In 1896 Adolph Ochs, a newspaperman from Chattanooga, Tennessee, bought “The Times.”
Jew Barney Frank in the USA Congressman is linked to this. I’m working on autobiography, so can’t dig deeper. There’s plenty been written.

VT Exclusive: Largest Pedophile Ring in History, 70,000 Members, Heads of State, the Rats Scramble

White children and teens driven to mental illness.
Here’s John deNugent’s article on the Jew Pharisees in this Franklin cover up scandal.
The author of this book, by Former US Green Beret, John deCamp, also was first to interview the Jew Harris’ parents, whose son mass murdered the first school and serial killing at Columbine University.
The White girls passed a lie test against Black Larry King. He donates $18,000 (of embezzled money) to the gays and lesbians.
Black Larry King had powerful acquaintances, agents, FBI, and Omaha police.
White Gary Caldori and his White 8 year old son, found dead in plane crash from Chicago (All Stars’ Game) to Nebraska.
Paul Bonacci, victim, finally wins his case. Do not know if he collected a dime.
White handsome, Troy Bonner, victim of Black Larry King, Troy’s brother found dead shot with gun. Then he was about to again try to seek justice for his victimization, he goes to hospital, is sedated, and found dead. No witnesses, plus his brother is dead. Troy said they threaten to kill you and family. Feed you cocaine, heroin, etc.
White handsome, Troy describes the Black Satan, Larry King, Jr. burned the (White) boys with cigarettes. Black stuck hot rods up their butt to induce pain in White boys. Black Larry King told White Try to “shit” on him, for Blacks and Jews are consumed with the anus and excrement. (my own last comment.) And these fine White boys are taken out of White gene pool as part of Jew and Black genocide of White Race.
The youtube refers to this Franklin Cover-up of Black King and Jew Kings abuse against White boys and girls, “a joke.” Just as Jews called World War II, Slapstick Comedy, which our poor White Veteran’s suffered and died for along with their families.
Jew media made the “Victims” like me, the “Offenders.” And the world “believes” the Jews for we belong to their religion 24/7 in many ways.
Other Jew cover-ups: USS Liberty, JFK Assassination, 9/11, Russian Revolution, etc. etc. etc.
The Blacks and Jews united made the White prosecutor in the case, a (White) broken man.

White Greg Caldori and his White 8 year old son killed in Aurora, Illinois, on the way from Chicago. He was in charge of the Franklin Investigation. The FBI impounded records, as the FBI shut down the White People’s Party, when the threatened the head, Bill O’Sullivan, if he didn’t stop, protests against Martin Luther King, Jr. (Another Black King for Whites to worship, for we have no White kings, Jews assassinated them all, including my Polish king about year 1300. See other posts.)
No one else talks.

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