9/11 Orthodox Jew Judge Handles All Litigation

Not only did Jew Larry Silverstein buy up the World Trade Center skyscrapers a year before the 9/11 Tragedy, but had them insured double. Two light aluminum planes hit two buildings, brought down three and (White) insurance is paying them for seven.
Also, see where Jew Silverstein is suing the three airlines. (Two planes? Three airlines?) It’s unbelievable how they reduced us to morons and idiots, but that can be overcome. Thinking now is already light years ahead of our imprisoned White kin.
Jew financiers wield money and number figures around like the Jews wielded their Holocaust number of 6,000,000 Jews supposedly killed in Holocaust. If that number is true, my White Polish Christian people lost 18,000,000 and time for Jews to dish out $$$$$ to them for that and for my people supporting their lazy, criminal asses for 1,000 years.
Now I find that all litigation is done by an Orthodox Jew lawyer. Here’s the two links:

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    1. Thank you so much for your attention! I appreciate it. It took 15 years to gather this information, and a painful and agonizing road. Soon my book will be out, and then I can relax and know my life’s work has been accomplished to the “best of my ability” as Mama would tell us to do things.

    2. Hello DeLoren. Thank you for your comment, although I’m late since you sent in December 30, 2017. I’m juggling the final edit of my autobiography, which is nearly impossible. I’m making thousands and thousands of changes as I discover more grammar rules. For example, don’t use the word, “very.” Or if one starts with a sentence “This,” one has to link it or it’s vague. The current change with involve 1,700 sentences that have the word “was,” in it. Since my book is about the past, it seemed logical to use it. But there are better words. One has to transpose the part using “was,” and make the ending of the word with “ed.” It makes it more of a picture. The last editor I spoke with wanted $11,000.00. The one I wanted, Dan Brown, from the “DaVinci Code,” $100,000.00. With the nature of my book, I’m turned down no matter what. “Go Fund Me,” refused to accept me. I’m not complaining. I’m discovering a new skill. If Whites are to survive, especially against Yellows and Jews, it’s imperative we read and write. Thank you for reading my blog. Your comments are always welcome. Just one last comment. You called the Jews “vermin.” On my blog, I think I posted long time ago, the chart which shows how Jews brought the rats with them on the boats to the USA, during their first migration.

      1. it sounds like you are very busy and it sounds like its very expensive to publish. I would like to see the day when non fiction books like yours get a government grant so you can educate the populace

        1. Hello Deloren Ross. Thanks a million for your reply. I’ll self-publish. I paid for it several years ago. After they beat and crippled me, (I’m better now,) at the Jew-owned Mandalay Bay, I quit for good. The government should be begging me for help to save the White people. It’s that or third world status. But I’m back. A famous author once said (I think Orwell.) “If you can’t change history, don’t write.” I alone hold the key to where the Jews came from before 1945, what happened in that 1,000 years, how it’s affecting “all” of our problems today, and what it means for the White Race’s futures. Have a super-great day. Jews have gotten away with their “perfect crimes,” for eternity. If someone calls them on it, as the 356 times the were expelled from Europe and other countries, they always have their “Zionist State,” or “New Jerusalem” to run to. It was Poland, the USA, and now Israel. Any poor country would take them in for mere shekels.

      2. Thank you for all your hard work. grammar is one of the trivium trinity and is extremely important as you are finding out!

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