GRAPHIC: Jewish Lice bugs, other Pests, and Rodents

(My blog was shut down along with many other truthers in the last two year. There were also many unusual deaths or violence against us as I was beaten and crippled in front of an audience at the Jew-owned MGM Mandalay Bay casino when dressed in a wedding gown like Princess Diana’s in August 2013. […]

Polish Shaving Jewish Men for Lice Bugs in Work Camps of Auschwitz or other camps

White Polish shaving Jew men who were loaded with lice bugs which causes Typhus. It was the deadly disease of Typhus which wiped out most of the White men and women (only not even Jews) in World War I. It’s what makes me think Jews did inject the virus into the people in the work […]

Polish White Christian Men Shaving Heads of Jewi$h men whose heads are filled with dirty lice bugs which cause Typhus, the World War I killer.

Polish White Christian men shaving Jew’s heads which are filled with lice bugs. My Mama worked as White slave for rich Jew doctors and Vice-Presidents, and she said when rich women gave her “clothes” to bring home for they had so much they couldn’t fit in another thing in closet, these items were filled with […]

Jews, White me and Lice Bugs

Jew Lice Bugs and my White Autobiography Edit: My entire autobiography is on facebook from October of 2012. As I edit I add an event in therapy where I’m asked by counselor to make friends with my violent mother and ask her to do something special for me to make me feel good. Here’s what […]

Jews: White Sex, lice, tobacco, sugar, tea, salt, alcohol, drugs, oogling women

Link below to one of the 4 books published in 1853 by father of Jew exposers: Telemachus Thomas Timayenis. The Original Mr. Jacobs. All four stolen from the USA Library of Congress. Jews arrested him to shut down his book publishing company he was forced to buy since “no one talked in the USA for fear […]

Jewish Lice Filled Holocaust Rembrance

Holocaust for Jews or Holocaust for Whites. Jews devour our children as we were devoured. To put the context of White and Jew relationship, sometimes one needs an example. A picture from the garden which teaches “common sense” to survive according to laws of Nature. This is about the lice or aphids, and I’m comparing […]

Jewess Mrs. Gold and Her Bedbugs

Jewess Mrs. Gold is getting what she deserves. That’s what she gets for never giving her Jew husband sex, abusing White women by forcing their men to rape and make us have sex, or like Marilyn Monroe said about Jewish men, “They forced her constantly to suck their c o c – s.” Jewess women belong […]

Jew lice in Ellis Island and Poland

One of the first things I learned over 5 years ago at the Wake Up America Prime Meeting was the diseases the brown illegal Mexicans were bringing here.  Although when I listened to the meeting of the major speakers from around the USA, every word had already been written on my emails from my own […]