Albert Einstein Jew Homosexual

Here’s a song by “Queen.”  Queen if Queer.  Are the Queers singing that “they” are the Champions.  Seeing that the Hate crime bill is going to protect them, and doom our sons and daughters to a fate worse than death, it seems as if they have “won.”  Also after watching all 4 parts of Kay Griggs video, she claims that the queers are the head of the US Marines, Army, Military, etc.  It is bad enough that they are the “heads” but when married, they beat their wives, as she was beaten severely with broken bones and hospitalization.  I went to the hospital when I was bruised, but never broken bones, though. 
But, I can take these same words, and apply it to our White Race.  The Other Races, including homos and lezzies, have songs with Pride, Character, and Strength. We have none. If we do make them up we have to give them to blacks to sing, as Dolly Parton’s song, I Will Always Love You.  We have to begin to have our White Rallies, and Shout and Sing for Joy as we find our way back, and hopefully can surpass the Jews as far as intellect.
It didn’t surprise me when Albert Einstein, the Jewish man that everyone refers to as the “Smartest Man in History,” was really dumb, stupid, and degenerate.  Kay Griggs says he was involved in the many Homosexual Sodomy parties. No smart man would ever consider that. He is only smart when it comes to things that Jews find smart.  Einstein never created a baby from nothing. Yet every White man has the power to do that, and hopefully he will create a White one, and a very healthy one.

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