Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh, radio Kings, married to Jewish wives and Jewish Satanic Cult

Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh the two kings of media and internet radio both married to Jews. (At least Limbaugh was when I first wrote about him, but then had another wedding to perhaps cover up that Jewish fact.)
Jew Howard Stern and his Black female sidekick continue to reduce the White man’s sexual libido to ashes and have Whites listen and laugh about it. The White man’s sexuality accounts for the sperm to make White babies as Daddy made 12.
Jews make 25 billion dollars off of porn alone while the same Jewish men are screwing your White women who Jews turned you against and who Jews turned the White women towards “them” to adore and worship, not themselves, white healthy race-conscious children, but to worship Jews or blacks like Michelle Obama, Oprah, (Jewish house hold word made so thru Jew jingles that play through our heads from continuous media brainwashing of pictures and words and feelings… over and over again.

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