A's for Some Whites

A’s for Whites. I would hope Whites would once again take our rightful place in society not as White slaves to crafty murderous Jews and other races, but to ourselves and each other. Even on the Mayflower crew, the captain and governor broke down the White British immigrants into units of 10. If they survived, fine, if not they were allowed to die rather than destroy all the White People as happened with the entire White crew on the first ship before the Mayflower.
And don’t think the ‘Reds’ that the Whites met on that first ship were “sooo nice” like the freak Obama says on Thanksgiving. (What a way to ruin a perfectly good and valued holiday.) The Red women chopped up the White men and women alive and boiled them. Did they eat them like soup? The book, “Here Shall I die Ashore” by Caleb Johnson, doesn’t mention it. (Biography of Stephen Hopkins, husband’s ancestor from Mayflower, whose wife Elizabeth, also had the only baby born on Mayflower, called “Oceanus.” How beautiful the British thoughts and aims, how evil the Red savage women, just like the black women of Africa, beating their men constantly. Does Michelle beat Obama or does he obey with just a “look” from her he is so scared?) Also, the Red Indians let our White people “starve” rather than help us, for the rest of the crew starved to death or were forced to cannibalize their wife and baby in her stomach to survive. The Reds were alive and eating well but selfish and greedy. It wasn’t until the governor made law and contacted their chief Red Indian that they no longer could keep bothering White people for products, food, attention, only trading, that the Whites were able to survive as groups of 10 and “all” survived. No one group stole from another or were beaten, even women and children for it was that harsh in building America. But Michelle Obama never was proud for Whites never made any sacrifices for this land and people of all races. Is she just pure evil or is she plain stupid, an idiot, moron, and perhaps a whore sucking Black for Jewish $$ and power to continue genocide of White species.
Here’s a cute youtube with Alvin and Chipmunks and chipettes with eyes that look like Whites. An “A” is on his hat for the “A’s” our Whites will be getting and don’t forget it is no other person or party and certainly not Jews that is calling for this and I should get at least some of the credit as I give credit to all the other characters I do.

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