Assassination White Polish Queen Poisoned; Jew Bankers

Jews have always been connected with White Royalty, Churches, Government of Whites. We depended on them and never learned how to be SELF SUFFICIENT. Anywhere there are Jew Bankers, there’s an assassination. Painting by famous Polish artist who did so many paintings that I’ve used before, such as “Jews Arrive in Poland, 1096.” After German and French men got on their horses and went over heads of Church and State and drove the Jews out … and they landed up in my Poland for 1,000 years as the secret Polish Jew Empire, of ALL WHITE SLAVES. The only such country.

Bona Sforza (2 February 1494 – 19 November 1557) was a member of the powerful House of Sforza, which ruled the Duchy of Milan since 1447. In 1518, she became the second wife of Sigismund I the Old, the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Their marriage lasted 30 years until Sigismund’s death in 1548. Ambitious and energetic, Bona became heavily involved in the political life of Poland–Lithuania.

Financial Management

Queen Bona’s most lasting contributions were in the area of economics and administration. About the time of the marriage of the Royal couple, the state of the treasury in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was disastrous. The King appointed as Treasurer of the Grand Duchy Abraham Ezofowicz, a member of a distinguished Jewish family (his brother Michał, the head of all the Lithuanian Jews, was ennobled in 1525, an occurrence without parallel in European medieval history, even though, unlike his brother, he remained a practicing Jew). The King also sought the aid of his banker, Jan Boner, and Bona who had a substantial income from her principality in Italy.

A year after returning to the Duchy of Bari, Bona Sforza was poisoned by her trusted officer, Gian Lorenzo Pappacoda. Pappacoda was acting on behalf of King Philip II of Spain,[citation needed] who wished to avoid repaying his sizable debts to the Polish queen.

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