P.S. Weird Al’s Polish Accordion

I just sent Weird Al’s parody “Germs.” I compared the Jews to the Germs. However, it was Weird’s accordion playing that really attracted me. Being Polish American, it was the musical instrument that attracted me to his music. Brother Eddie played the accordion and harmonic at the same time. Also, guitar, and he’s playing in […]

Jew & Jewess Germs!

Sometimes, I need a break for the horrors I discover and the prospect of the never-ending Jewish germs. It’s the “Jews” not the “Germs!” I watched Weird Al’s comedy version of “Germs!” and laughed, laughed, and still laugh. Brother Bert the Polack made his business cards with “BTP,” Bert the Polack on them. He made […]

Autobiographical New Video

Mona Montgomery created this video during our first phone call. After 20 years of research, writing, speaking, protesting, there’s one person who promoted me. My research isn’t just about exposing the Jews or saving the Whites, it’s about love and compassion. She’s a beautiful woman with great talent and knowledge. Please share since she’s new […]

My Kin: White Teacher Slaves to Jews

WWII was a racial and religious Jewish War against White Catholics and Protestants soon to go extinct. Jews killed off the Whites. 1934 Headlines:“JUDEA” DECLARE WAR ON GERMANY. (not the other way around.) Jews lie and say they are the Bible’s Chosen, hence the word Judea. Germany was the most religious country 60% Protestant 40% […]