Jew into Christian?

From a World War II German children’s book. When Jews infiltrate churches. And I’m all for helping to save Caucasian Christianity, but Jews are the source of our decline and deaths. World War II was a racial and religious war against Whites, whose babies are only 3% of the world down from 33%. And the […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 15-2

Hello Eurofolks! Here’s the 2nd part of Chapter 15 entitled “White Women Enslaved Reduced to Shiksas.” Jews and society has brainwashed our White women, girls, babies, to be slaves for the other races and against the White male. However, Jews did the same to my Polish ancestors since 1025-1945. In addition, it’s not only what […]

Bible: Best audio-Jesus vs Jews

Hello folks,This Bible Chapter shows how Jews hated and mocked Jesus with all intentions to kill him. Jesus counteracted them and when they wanted to kill and stone him to death, he disappeared! Click on the upper right audio YouTube!Jesus confronts them by saying they are “not” the Children of Israel for they were never slaves. (Their […]

Jew New Movie: Barbie

Hello Eurofolks, Me on Chicago TV  “Barbie Patton” singing “Barbie Girl” in my self-made White Tennis outfit, skirt, and hat. I play tennis and many sports that I taught my sons in person, not a coach or Jew TV set. From TV computer picture. My 2nd husband was the same name as the most famous […]

1888 PT 2: Jew Stop Books

See today’s blog, Part 1. White Greek Author Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, American Jew, exposes how treacherous Jews stop, harass, bankrupt, shut down printing press, arrest, prison, even kill White authors. The Jews shut down his printing press “Minerva” and only by a genius lawyer was he freed from Jewish American prison. He died in obscurity […]

1888 – White Man Exposes Jews

The first Jew exposer was White Greek historian Telemachus Thomas Timayenis, Royal Award. He wrote four exposé’s. See other blog today. I wrote about this before but the 1st picture stood out to me today. I get inspiration impressions that flow through me and my writings. I can’t write, never could. I don’t understand how […]