Book: The Naked Communist

W. Cleon Skousen wrote a book that exposed the evil Jews towards Whites, especially Christians: The Naked Communist. A Jewish publisher conned Skousen and said they would publish it. Jews monopolize the entire White worldwide book publishing (as well as News, Movies, Magazines, and all sources.) After he signed the contract, they said they had […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 20

Pictures and link from Chapter 20: Link to click and watch. Queenie (52 pups; last 13 Champion Pedigree,)sons, and me. Professional photo. There was one with my veteran husband also. When someone smashed my car window in April 2004 and stole his hand-written manuscript about being a White homeless veteran and how they had to band together to […]

White Vietnam Veteran’s Agony

Light Ruck Vietnam War Summarized 35 note pages Jews passed the 1961 Affirmative Action Law against White males.  Veterans faced jungle leeches Supervisors nocked White men Drill instructor for White men was a little black person.  Buddhists had reverse swastikas on tombstones. Hot, humid, hell, heavily dressed Deception: Vietnamese people were 5 feet tall. Even […]