Merkel, Auschwitz, White Genocide

We need to de-mystify the holocaust. Like the holocaust museum, which has dim lights like the Christian catacombs, creepy music in the background. There may be subliminal messages in there. Jews have shoes piled up as “relics” to worship the Jews. We can’t even touch them they are so sacred. They are “saints,” even martyrs for […]

The Unnecessary Circumcision of White American males by Jewish Influence

———- Forwarded message ——— Subject: History of Circumcision in AmericaTo:  Note: the year the USA forced circumcision on our White boys: 1949. That was four years after the Jews’ second mass arrival illegal immigration. The first was in 1875.  Once Jews self-declared they had won the war over Native Palestinians, they then conquered the entire […]

66 Questions on the Holocaust

Re-copied from Jim Rizoli and the Institute of Historical Review 66 Questions on the Holocaust 66 Questions and Answers on the Holocaust (an early IHR publication) 1. What proof exists that the Nazis killed six million Jews?None. All we have is postwar testimony, mostly of individual “survivors.” This testimony is contradictory, and very few claim to […]