Whites: Love One Another!

I’ve loved, loved, loved all for my whole life. In 1997, though, I singled out Whites when I was hired to hire only Whites in Chicago at #1 Caterer to the Stars, George Jewell’s from the English palace. Although #1 he said the government padlocked his business for tax non-payment. He said the temporary agencies […]

I’m Fearlessly White-Final Chapter 27-5

Hello White Folks, It’s time to rejoice, cheer, be grateful, and get to work on helping to save the Endangered White People. Even and especially Caucasian Christianity, which the Jews destroyed to declare themselves, our “messiah.” I’m utterly grateful to Pastor Eli James, Assembly of Christian Israelite, who called and volunteered to interview me about […]

My Chapter 27-2: Helping Ideas for Whites

“I’m Fearlessly White – 1,000 Years with the Jews.” Chapter 27 part 2. Long Live the Protected White People. I was a protestor since Mama’s womb! Here’s the movie we made on Thursday. Pictures I attached below: https://archive.org/details/im-fearlessly-white-chapter-27-part-2 Watch on YouTube. Copy and paste. Love is all around (1994 Four weddings and a funeral) Wet […]