Autobiography Draft 3: Chapter 23

Having to condense 200 actual books of Creative Writing, 40,000 pages, I’m going to have to cut this chapter by 1/3, which is heavy.
23: White Species’ Pride, Pioneers & Persecutions
Every victim would step forward in any way or even was a potential witness who somebody heard about, have either been killed, put in jail under some theory or another, terrified or run out of the state, discredited. Every perpetrator, even the convicted ones, have been treated as conquering heroes. John de Camp
Today, who are the victims? Pro-White Activists. Who are the master perpetrators? Jew Zionists and their imps.
This link is just a springboard for further study into Jew assassinations of our White kings, queens, archduke, archduchess, ambassadors, and presidents.
We White vanguards have suffered for truth and justice:

  • Computer-type issues: Computer viruses, website hacking, phone tapping, wiped out iPhone, and spying. Entire webservers, radio stations, shows shut down. Police confiscated or destroyed internationally computer and video equipment, books, manuscripts, documents exposing Jews. My new computer wiped out.
  • Threats: Discrimination, prejudice against Whites. Had to flee the USA for safety. Deportation. Barred from the USA. Put White survivalists on top of terrorist list but cradle and pamper international criminals. Death threats.
  • Punishment: Arson, arrest, prison (up to 40 years and as old as 91,) solitary confinement. White attorneys imprisoned and framed for murder. Public unifying White lectures, conferences, rallys, and protests with permits, banned and shut down. State of Emergency’s declared against us. Jewish heckling at lectures, protests, so bad speaker had to flee the USA for safety and schooling. My White veteran husband who was a whistleblower’s two handwritten autobiographies stolen.
  • Alienation: From society, family, friends, and acquaintances.
  • Bodily and mind harm: Accidents, beatings, acid thrown in our White faces, cripplings. Urine filled balloons slammed at returning White Vietnam Veterans. Leftist communists flung urine, feces, sperm-filled rubbers, bloody Tampax, rocks, sprayed mace, and hydrochloric acid directly into eyes blinding a White victim. Hit with cars (as the man who drove into the car in front of him and accidentally killed a woman after terrorist smashed his car with a bat) and bodies with clubs, assaulted verbally. Police with full riot gear pushed, kicked, and threw Whites out of the park even though the Whites had a permit, and left the violent Communists without a permit, to reign free. Gas-lighting, insane asylum commitments, brainwashing, forced druggings. Menticide.
  • Communications: All media, even all White verbal communication, is molded by Jews. Whites have been totally divided and conquered as a species. Total media blackout of White meetings, conferences, protests, and Jew and non-White crimes against Whites.
  • Financial: Heavy fines. Discriminated in hiring and scholastic grants. See Michael Savage’s Death of the White Male. (against Affirmative Action) Monopolies in Jew controlled industries which exclude Whites. White tax burden. A sister had put up her $200,000 home. Fired from jobs, blackballed from employment. Losses in books, computers, video equipment, and records confiscated. Rabbis forced Amazon, the main source of most book sales, for the first time in history, to ban many of our books, which they’ve never done to any other books in the world, no matter how controversial. Credit card, PayPal, and YouTube monetize option for revenue, shut down. Churches forced to prefer other races or face elimination of tax exempt status and demise.
  • Social Media: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook shut down White survivalists. Jew PayPal denied usage.
  • Jew laws against Whites: Civil Rights Act, Immigration Act, Affirmative Action against White males. Jew forced anti-Semite laws which protect Jewish real crimes and persecute White (Christian descendants.) All USA laws favor Jews and non-Whites and are against Whites. (Same in Poland. In the 1500’s, Jews had all laws for their advantage and not for the Polish citizen.) Europeans expelled Jews for their crimes106 times including my Bydgoszcz, Poland. First Lady Melania Trump’s, Slovenia, which is five hours from my Poland, expelled the Jews three times, burned them out once. Here’s an incomplete list of times Jews expelled and also so-called anti-Semitic crimes which Jews did against themselves, from Michael Rivera’s, What Really Happened?
  • Death: Attempted murder, murder, suicide.

As a result of losing the Vietnam War to Chinese Communist bodies and Communist Jew Bankers, one stands aghast, we had to suffer instead of being supported for the freedom of White Civil Rights — religion, speech, press, assembly, redress of grievances — to protect our natural inalienable rights. To my knowledge, the people I wrote about and myself are lawful.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
It seems the Jewish religion, which affected our Constitution, 1787, (1791, first in Poland – the Secret Empire of Jews who wanted to make sure their religion could rule the USA, not White royalty as in Poland.) Not by usual means of ministers and churches, but Jew deceitful media, crime, monopolies, and wars.
Freedom of Speech
No White is allowed to freely discuss, debate, criticize or speak openly about saving the endangered white species or exposing the Jews. Many lectures shut down. President George Washington: “If the Freedom of Speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”
Jews began to deceitfully acquire White news publishing since late 1800’s in the USA and Germany. Then books, comics, text book publishing, magazines, now vital parts of the Internet. Their printing presses print out endless funny money, called usury. Jewess Janet Yellen heads our Federal Reserve Bank which houses all our money. Faked news, even Associated Press where all news come from.
Pro-White and / or Jew exposé meetings were shut down in California, Chicago, Memphis and many more, until I stopped attending I was so scared! Another one recently, Charlottesville, Virginia.
Redress of Grievances
I called all 535 House of Representatives and Senators to oppose the Jewess Lowey’s, Anti-Semite bill HR 672 (she’s worth $41,000,000 and is the senior control of the House of Representatives’ bank,) They passed it anyway, and instead of using the normal method by taking a count, they simply did a yeah – nay voice vote. Who “yelled” the loudest won. It’s the anti-White or anti-Christ bill.
Barbara Ann Nowak, me – Descendant of Poles who Jews kept in constant wars, starvation, illiterate, and the worst slavery in history from 1025-1945. My folks and I were White slaves for Jews in Chicago. Jews treacherously defamed me and mine with their dangerous, poisonous label: Dumb Polaks.
In 1968, a Jew doctor pre-meditated, raped, ejaculated, and threatened me for life. After he convinced me he was cured, I went back 10 years later to get help for my Veteran husband also. He attempted to rape me again. I fled. Two White husbands needing help tried to murder me.
When I was employed at a Jewish company, the comptroller seduced me, and convinced me I had to give him sex in order to keep my job. I quit. Tried to cheat me out of maternity pension. Suffered gas-lighting for three years at another Jewish company.
Victim of constant computer, website, and phone hacking. After my husband’s two autobiographies were stolen, I began to write his biography on my lunch hour on a flash drive. Once I forgot to take it home, and when I went to work the next day, the flash drive was fried.
Suffered two murder attempts for my writings, (not even speaking!) Also, my car engine blew up on the way to “No More Wars for Israel” meeting, black-balled in entertainment, fired, alienated by society.
New computer wiped out with much of my records! Victim of 10 robberies, harassment, assaults. Seven credit card and banking frauds. Timeshare, Craiglist, Ebay, and PayPal frauds. Spied on. Swindled by Jew who made American Idol from a VHS tape he conned me into dubbing for him of my Chicago TV appearance on the Jenny Jones talk show as the Queen of Karaoke.
In 2013, suffered elderly abuse when mocked, scorned, beaten, and crippled, as I was about to perform in front of an audience in Las Vegas. Covered up! Hospital.
In Branson, a car with burlap over their license plates tried to drive me off the road! At Christmas time, when Washington DC was empty, a speeding car nearly hit me as I was about to cross the street. At my solo peaceful protest of the Holocaust Museum, I was confronted several times to discourage me, by employees, guards, police, and director. No Jewess was ever tortured like me, not even their so-called autobiography saint, Anne Frank.
Michael Duncan, Husband – Vietnam War Veteran hero. Purple Heart Hall of Honor. Homeless, hungry, no medical for injuries. Both hand written autobiographies stolen. His last words, “There’s no help for the White man and I will kill myself and show them it is about men not money.” Manhood annihilated. Intentionally pulverized overseas so non-whites could take over the White man’s USA territory. With all the White males overseas, there was no one to defend the USA, the White women and children, from a Jewish and Chinese Revolution of the “mind.” It worked. Until now.
Vietnam injuries, “Not due to own misconduct:”
Testicle shot off, infection of the groin, shrapnel missile wound, hearing impairment, jungle ear infections, severe infection from unsanitary conditions. Hookworms; tonsil infection, gastrointestinal complaint, and “neurotic stress.” (I’d say a Jew and a Chinese “psychosis stress” against our White male.) PTSD, as our White men were having nervous breakdowns on the battlefield – it was so horrible to face the visible evils of the Yellow Communist Chinese and invisible Jew-raced bankers and racketeers, both races who protect their countries,
China and Israel with walls and strict laws to protect them.
Addictions to Scotch, sometimes heroin, cocaine, black market uppers and downers, legal drugs, caffeine, nicotine, hashish, marijuana, womanizing, gambling, pornography, screaming nightmares, fired from jobs, abuse against me. Damage done to make him war and hate through the newly invented violent video games. After the war, Jew –led Chicago protestors threw urine balloons at the veterans. Nearly driven insane. Committed suicide!
On April 10, 1940, Jew-led Russian Communists massacred 20,000 of my brightest White Polish men . . . Genocide. The most intelligent, religious, brave, prominent leaders and officers, at the Katyn Massacre. Notice the one bullet hole to the White brain method used on the Polish veteran’s head. The monument is located near my Chicago. Notice the White hanky for my tears.
The Pieta, by Michaelangelo, the statue of Jesus’ Mother Mary holding his murdered body by Jews, was the inspiration for this sculptor.
This is my picture of the wall next to the sculpture. It has the names of the 96 finest Polish people who died mysteriously in a plane crash at the Katyn Massacre site, on the 70th anniversary, April 10, 2010. Polish sculptor, Wojciech Seweryn, also killed on the plane crash.
Lech Kaczynski, First Lady Maria, and 94 of the top people of Poland were travelling to Smolensk, to meet with the Russians who had destroyed Jew Communism in their country and finally came out with the truth – that they executed the White Polish men and not the innocent German (Nazis) National Socialists who the Jews blamed at the unjust and cruel Nuremberg Trials.
Who benefited from this crash? A Jewess took over Poland as First Lady.
Here are some names of the White victims and Jew exposers who should be completely exonerated, given respect, restitution for damages and crimes against us, and the perpetrators brought to full justice.

  • Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, Germany – Driven to suicide at the end of the war. The couple who tried to save the endangered White species. Lost Life of Eva Braun
  • Adolf Hitler, German Führer (means leader or guide not tyrant) –I focus on the aspect of saving and raising White healthy babies. He also wanted to unite the White Protestant church, (now 41,000 divided denominations.) “I tried to fight the Jews. They have been slandering my name ever since.” He wanted to move the Jews to Madagascar, not have them gassed. He was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost, and suicided as my Vietnam Veteran husband was a Corporal, fought the Communists, lost, and suicided. Probably his mistake: Hitler’s only constant companion who assisted him in nearly everything he did, Dr. Theodor Morell, the doctor to the Jewish entertainers. This 6-hour movie is a “must see,” about the lies of World War II. “The Greatest Story Never Told. Dennis Wise.

  • Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russia – Death threats. Expelled from native land — silenced. The buried copy of his book confiscated. While in prison in hard labor, memorized 12,000 lines of his book in case it was confiscated again. His typist supposedly suicided after interrogation. 200 Years Together: A History of the Russians and the Jews

It is within the power of writers and artists to do much more: to defeat the lie.
Bolsheviks are Jews.

  • Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, England – Synagogue of Satan. Amazon never banned books, but recently banned his and others. I was a guest on his radio show.

  • Arthur Topham, Canada – Gagged and sentenced. Website shut down.

  • Baked Alaska at Unite the Right Rally at Charlottesville, VA. Hit by a Jew from SPLC, Southern Poverty Law Center, on Friday night. Saturday, counter protestor, blinded him with hydrochloric acid.
  • Barbara Kulaszka, Canadian librarian turned lawyer – Defended Ernst Zundel. Awarded “George Orwell Award.” Funeral nearly shut down because of lies about her.
  • Benton Bradberry – Must read or listen: The Myth of German Villainy.
  • Brother Bert – Damaged in Korean War. Harassed so badly with Jew labeled “Dumb Polak” jokes, to counteract his pain, he had business cards made up with “Bert the Polak.”
  • Bill White, Author – Prison 25 years. White wrote on his website (shut down) the White man has the largest penis. From my sex studies, a Black can’t extend the penis fully and when White women are taught to fantasize about Blacks, when they finally race-break (a Jew weapon) the White woman is disappointed. Sex is through the “mind” more than the “body.” Anyone can have animal sex, but I’ve assimilated 29 books, educational DVD’s and classes on sex. I’d rather give a one good man sex 1,000 different ways, than Jewish homosexuality which offers 1,000 different animal (?) sex men/women.
  • Brad Love, Canada – Wrote 10,000 citizen letters. Jailed, highest sentence ever and outrageous bail.

  • Brian Ruhe, Canada – Fired from eight teaching jobs. Forced mental hospital.
  • Father Charles Coughlin, Radio Announcer – Shut down. Exposed Jews, banks, and wars.
  • Charles “Lucky” Lindbergh, Jr. First American aviator to cross the Atlantic Ocean – National Socialist (Nazi) wife and kids. His White baby son was kidnapped, murdered, and foot chopped off. Fled USA. Father exposed the Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Senator Charles Percy (from my state of Illinois) – Sometimes opposed Israel. His daughter beaten and murdered right in the middle of the re-election campaign he lost. One suspect was a Jew. The Jew brutal movie “Psycho” to open day after murder. Jews control both news and Hollywood. Senator Percy lost the election due to the Jews united boycott of him. The aggressive Democrat political consultant, Jew David Axelrod, brought him down. Later took Black and White Barack Hussein to become senator of my Illinois then President of the USA.
  • Christopher Bollyn – Researched Israel, Jews, and 9/11 five weeks after Tragedy. Fired from job. Beaten in his home. Fled USA.
  • Clarence Malcolm – Poisoned. Assisted Ted Gunderson, whistle-blower and former head of the FBI.
  • Coco Chanel, France – Fashion designer and founder of Chanel line. National Socialist sympathizer, Jews named Nazis, to frighten us like bogeymen. Business empire coerced away by Jews. Me performing in Vegas in a Coco Chanel knit dress:

  • Pastor Dan Johns – Interviewed on his talk show.
  • Dariusz Rataczak, Poland – Dangerous Topics: Holocaust. Suspended as teacher. Court.
  • David Cole, Jew – Exposer of faked death camps at Auschwitz, Poland. Beaten by Jewish Defense League. His Jewish father, Dr. Leon, introduced and hooked White Elvis to Demerol which was said to kill Elvis. Although last person to see Elvis alive at 10:30 p.m. was his Jewish dentist with codeine which Elvis was allergic to.
  • David Duke – House of Representatives. The Secret Behind Communism, Jewish Supremacism. Became interested in the White species when his high school teacher appointed him to take the South’s side in a Civil War debate. Fled USA. Early Pioneer 1969. In 2008, I attended his European-American conference which was shut down and then a State of Emergency called. Jailed in Czech Republic and USA. Website and You Tubes shut down. Ability to collect funds via Internet shut down. When Barack Hussein was elected, he would preach for the Whites to be calm and peaceful, not violent.
  • David Irving, England -1988 Great Holocaust Trials – Beaten and imprisoned. Meeting shut down. Video: The Faking of Adolf Hitler for History. Only writer whose works are all from original documents.

  • The poor White German baby – (Germans first to go extinct) Hitler on the sad state of affairs after World War I under Jewish control: Babies grabbed in vain for the mother’s breast it was empty.

  • Ditlieb Felderer, Sweden, – Attacked with iron bar, jailed, exiled. Anne Frank’s Diary was a Hoax
  • Don Black – First and most popular White Internet website and radio forum. Martin Luther King assassin’s brother executed an assassination attempt on him. I was a call in on his show.
  • Michael Jones – Poland, the Jewish Paradise

  • Edgar J. Steele, Attorney for White Civil Rights – I asked him for advice on a call in Internet radio show about the Jew rape. He tried to run for government office, but a Black man returned application personally with a big red X across it. Later, Steele was framed, convicted, and died in a secret prison. Jew, James Maher, cousin of famous comedian Bill Maher, wired two bombs on Steele’s wife’s car, but Steele was found guilty.
  • Brother Eddie – English school teacher, playwright, cut a CD song We the People. Black gang beat him when he was home from the seminary after Civil Rights Act. His students’ tough black mothers, hounded and forced him into courts for 30 years for money, because he wouldn’t pass their Black children if they failed the requirements, which also applied to White students.
  • Pastor Eli James, Christian Identity – The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-Christ Has Deceived the Whole World. The meeting I attended, shut down when a fire broke out as he began to speak. I was a guest on his radio show.

  • E. R. Fields – What World-Famous Men have said about the Jews

  • Ernst Zundel, German Canadian – He started to study World War II when his Canadian government asked him to help bolster the defamed German people’s image. Bankrupted. Violently attacked. Three documented assassination attempts. Nearly burned his house down with his records and library exposing Jews and the Holocaust. Bombed his home. Judge dictated, “Truth is no defense.” Solitary confinement 2 years Canada; expelled to Germany, 5-years solitary confinement. Postal mail banned incoming and out! The Great Holocaust Trials: 1985 and1988. His attorney imprisoned for the truth. Banned forever from his wife in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, USA. Off Your Knees Germany

  • Eustace Mullins – Secrets of the (Jew) Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Ezra Pound, Poet, Author – Sent to live in an outdoor cage, like a White animal; mental hospital 12 years for his freedom of speech, called treason. “Democracy is now currently defined in Europe as a ‘country run by Jews,’”

  • François Duprat, France – Assassinated by a car bomb blast by a Jewish “Remembrance Commando” and a “Jewish Revolutionary Group” which also destroyed his wife’s use of her legs.
  • Fred Leuchter – Only gas chamber expert. 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. Jailed in Germany; financially ruined.
  • Fredrick Töben, Australia – Founder Adelaide Institute. Bankrupted, jailed.
  • George Lincoln Rockwell, US Navy – First sent to insane asylum, then assassinated. How to Get Out and Stay Out of Insane Asylum, and White Power.
  • George Orwell, England – I read his book in high school, Animal Farm, about Communists who demand “All are equal” but they are separate at the top (Jews). Equality meant bringing Whites down to genocide, and themselves and non-Whites up . . . as Whites melt down into an eternal abyss.
  • Governor George Wallace, Alabama – In 1954, stood in the school doorway to stop Federal bayonets who forced State segregation. Now to save our White male boy he will have to be segregated with special racial attention. Assassination attempt and crippled for life.

  • Germar Rudolf, Germany – Imprisoned; books, papers stolen, savings plundered – Failed: Denying the Holocaust: How Deborah Lipstadt Botched Her Attempt to Demonstrate the Growing Assault on Truth and Memory. Amazon never banned a book, but under Jew Israeli Rabbi pressure banned his books.
  • Hans Schmidt, German – Jailed for writing.
  • Hart Kirsch – Radio talk show host. Gave me freedom to talk about race on his show in Las Vegas 2005. When I mentioned Jewess feminist, Gloria Steinem, all the radio hosts fired and a Jew family bought the 50-year old White family owned radio station for $24,000,000 and put in Jews and Rabbis to replace Whites.
  • Henry Ford, Ford Motors – The International Jew. Dearborn Independent Newspaper

“No wonder Jewish writers, viewing this unprecedented prosperity, this unchecked growth in wealth and power, exclaim enthusiastically the United States is the Promised Land foretold by the prophets, and New York the New Jerusalem.” The Jewish secret empire of Polish slaves was the original Zionist “New Jerusalem” as Polish Queen Bono was named “King of Jerusalem” in 1557.

  • Henryk Palmgren, Sweden – Red Ice Radio and TV. Sample: The War on Whites is Real. His two websites and iPhone wiped out the day of the Unite the Right Rally, Charlottesville, Virginia. All website income shut down. Hardship on wife, Lana, co-host, and their new White baby.
  • Horst Mahler – German Attorney. Imprisoned for 12 years. Books banned on Amazon. Fled Germany to Hungary. Arrested again, for writing and speaking, even after leg amputated – 81 years old.
  • Ingrid Rimland, Mrs. Ernst Zundel – Books seized and banned as “hate material.” Wrote 3-volume Ukrainian-American memoirs about reasons of her husband’s and the Third Reich’s struggle against Communism.
  • Institute for Historical Review – Firebombed. Destroyed $400,000 of books, cassette tapes, pamphlets. Five other bombings and a drive by shooting. An operative for Jewish Defense League arrested; no prosecution.
  • Ivan Demjanjuk: Stripped of American Citizenship. Israeli Jews tried him in court twice as being Ivan the Terrible. Innocent both times. At age 91, bedridden, taken to Israel on a stretcher for trial! What if the Jews who claim phony Holocaust welfare money from USA and Germany, need to be put on trial, even in their 90’s? (My Polish kin the 69% of camps get none.) There should be “Equality.”
  • James Edwards, Keith Alexander, Eddie “the bombardier” Miller. First radio show I found 2005. I was on his show.

·      James Von Brunn, Mensa intelligent. Suffered from hatred against Germans in America. Confronted Federal Reserve Bank and Holocaust Museum. Died in prison.

  • Jamie Kelso Radio Show – Radio host, editor, political activist. I was call in on his show.
  • Jared Taylor, American Renaissance Conference – Meetings shut down.
  • Jerome Brentar – 1985 Great Holocaust Trial. Used $500,000 of his own money as a Christian White activist to free historical revisionist victims. Lost travel agency; poverty.
  • Jim and Joe Rizoli, Diane King – Cable Access TV shut down.

  • Jim Traficant, US House of Representatives – expelled. Stood up to the USA Jew Israeli powerful lobby. Seven-years prison. Jews have used the USA like a whore.
  • Jöerg Haider, Austria – One of the only pro-Whites elected to office in Europe. Died in a mysterious car accident right after his acceptance speech. Accident or Israeli Mossad hit?
  • John de Nugent, Former US Marine – Nearly murdered by the Dutch Marines. Link for numerous difficulties suffered.
  • President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and brother Robert (family of 11) assassinated. Brother Joe and son John Jr. died mysteriously. Strange case of sister Rosemary lobotomized. Kennedy on Hitler after World War II: “He had in him the stuff of which legends are made” and “within a few years Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived.”
  • Johnny Rocker, Baseball Star – fined, suspended, forced psychiatric care because of racial comments.

  • Niece, Jolene Murphy – Non-White robbed and dragged her through a Chicago street when the gold chain on her necklace wouldn’t break.
  • Joseph Burg Ginzburg, Jew – Beat, prosecuted and denied him burial in a Jew cemetery.
  • Joseph Sobran – Fired. Said to be the best columnist ever by Pat Buchanan. Essay For Fear of the Jews.

  • Julius Streicher, German NSDAP. Mocked by USA Jews and Blacks in his jail cell with a sign on him “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.” Tortured, naked, burned with cigarettes on his nipples, navel, hit with a whip on genitals, tied with an iron chain and forced to kiss the feet of Negroes. Spat in his mouth. Forced to drink out of a toilet, kept cold, handcuffed. Jew sadistic press photographers took pictures. Negroes yelled “kill, kill” (as South African woman told me “When Blacks on TV shout ‘Kill the Whites!’(called Boer’s farmers) she and her Jew husband stand up and cheer.”) Streicher stated, “I don’t want to end my life with suicide but go to the end in a weekly journal as a struggle for truth.”
  • Jürgen Rieger, German Attorney – Beaten unconscious in broad daylight; assailants escaped. His car blown up. Life ruined.

  • Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz – Doenitz Nuremberg: A Re-Appraisal. Head of Germany’s submarine units. Ten years in prison for crimes and laws Jews made up after the war, ex post facto. “We have condemned you for things you did because you considered it your duty to your Country. For all such, forgive us. We were wrong.” Admiral John W. Reeves, Jr., U.S.N. Entire book shows the reprehensible Nuremberg Trials “war crime trials” against Germans, unprecedented in human history, which provided the Holocaust Hoax, and allowed all Jews to illegally emigrate en masse from my Poland into the USA. Joseph Kennedy, President Kennedy’s father asserted: “The only winners of World War II were the Jews.” The White Species was the big, big loser.
  • Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn/Aton. The Trillion Dollar Lie: The Holocaust
  • Lana Lokteff, Red-Ice Radio and TV. Sample: Go Back to Europe

  • Louis T. McFadden, Congressman – exposed Jew’s diabolical monopoly of the USA entire (White species’) banking system since 1913. Two death threats on his life.

  • Mark Glenn – “No More Wars for Israel” conference I attended when my car engine blew up on the way. The meeting was shut down and moved.
  • Martin Luther, Germany – Founder of Protestant (from word “protest”) religion. The Jews and their Lies, Full book, 6 hours

  • Sister, Mary DeMarco – Famous Jew radio announcer seduced her. Her husband from Italy took a gun to threaten him and protect her, but the Jew conned him into accepting free advertising for his Italian Restaurant on Lake Michigan, Chicago. Later, two men bought into his restaurant and pizzeria, then kicked him out of his own business. After this, my sister had five nervous breakdowns.
  • Matt Hale, PhD – Illinois law license denied due to racial beliefs. Sentenced to 40-years prison. Published book on an alternative version of 9/11. Also a book on Jewish occult murders.
  • Mel Gibson, Actor and Film maker – The Passion about Jew’s crucifixion of Jesus. Forced apology as other Whites were forced to do. Jews have never apologized nor paid restitution for the constant war and worse slavery in history for 1,000 years of my Polish people and me.

  • Michael Collins Piper, Author – Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy.” I was call in on his radio show. His Idaho cabin accidentally(?) burned down and died shortly thereafter.
  • Michael Hoffman – They White and They Were Slaves. List of books written by Whites which Jew Rabbis forced Amazon to ban – first banning in Amazon history!
  • Michael O’Sullivan, Leader of the Las Vegas White People’s Party – “In each case of every decision to be made, it shall be judged from ‘Is it good for the white race?’ “FBI shut him down. Eight of us protested against illegal immigration and exposé of Martin Luther King, Jr. All TV media and chief hecklers to riot were Jews and chief hecklers. S.W.A.T, police, National Guard surrounding us all dressed in full riot gear and guns, were all non-Whites. Their constitution.
  • Mike King The Bad War banned by Amazon.
  • Nicholas Kollerstrom – Breaking the Spell: The Holocaust (Religion): Myth and Reality. Thrown out of his college and damned.


  • Nick Griffin, England – Expelled from British National Party. Seeking Asylum.
  • General Otto Ernst Remer, German – Convicted when 80 in ill health.
  • Paul Fromm, Canadian Association for the Freedom of Expression, CAFÉ, Radio host. Banned from USA.
  • Pedro Varela, Spain – Convicted for selling historical revisionist and National Socialist books. Jews asked for 24-year prison term.
  • Phillip Tourney, Survivor – What I Saw That Day: Israel’s June 8, 1967 Holocaust of US Servicemen Aboard the USS Liberty and its Aftermath. Israeli Jews intentionally killed 34 USA White Navy men in the radio of room of the ship, injured 171, 2-hour attack, longer than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor which put the USA into World War II. Covered up!
  • Rachel Corrie, American protestor in Israel – killed by Jew bulldozer.
  • Randy Weaver framed, $10,000 fine, prison. Vicki Weaver wife, mother and activist, who was shot in the head and killed by Lon Tomohisa Horiuchi, government agent, as she held her breastfeeding White baby. Horiuchi also involved in the killings of White Christians at Waco. Vicki’s son and dog also murdered.

  • President Richard Nixon – brought down by Jew who framed him.
  • Richard Spencer, National Policy Institute – Arrested in Hungary. Forbidden to speak at a permitted Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Maced. Rally shut down.
  • Bishop Richard Williamson – Revisionist. Expelled.
  • Robert Faurisson, France & England – Revisionist. Left-wing Holocaust religious enforcers attacked him and nearly killed him 10 times. Broke his jaws. Smashed his face bloody, kicked him, and knocked out his teeth temporarily blinding him. Persecuted endlessly with legal battles. A group calling itself, “The Sons of the Memory of the Jews” claimed responsibility for the savage attack. In a statement, the group threatened: “Professor Faurisson is the first, but will not be the last. Let those who deny the Shoah [Holocaust] beware.”
  • Rick Adams Uncensored – I was call in on his show.
  • Sister Rosemary, the “slave” sister in our large family of 15. Illegal immigrant, Epigmeneo Prado, conned her into marriage. Once he got USA citizenship, Social Security card, Driver’s License, apartment lease, and high paying union job waiting for him at US Steel, he tried to kill her. He said, “I have a wife and five kids in Mexico to bring here and I don’t need you anymore.”
  • Scofield Bible – A revolutionary study guide to the Bible for Protestant Christians, which sold the dishonest idea of Jews as the Chosen. 1917, the same year Jews fomented the Revolution against White Christian Russia and killed 100,000,000 Whites.
  • Sencha – Interviewed me on her show:
  • Siegfried Verbeke, Belgium – Most dynamic revisionist, publisher, in all of Europe. Prison. Exposed Jew saint, Anne Frank biography rated #1.
  • Simon Sheppard, England – Arrested for debating Jewess “Diary of Anne Frank” autobiography. Fled to USA for political asylum. Imprisoned. Deported back to England, which has a law from1290, all Jews banned by King Edward.

  • Smedley Butler, Most decorated US Marine – (Smashing)The Racket of War (for Jews.)

  • Sylvia Stolz, attorney – Lost her license when she defended Ernst Zundel. Received 3 ½-years prison sentence.
    “Speech forbidden, evidence forbidden, legal evidence forbidden. I am willing to go to prison for the sake of the truth and the German nation. You are determined to destroy my convictions by imprisoning me, but it is beyond your power to do so.”
  • Father Tadeusz Rydzyk, Poland – Preached on the pulpit for Jews to stop blackmailing the innocent, silenced Polish Christians who lost the most people (69% of camps White Polish Christians, not Jews, the minority.) The Holocaust was on Polish soil not German.
  • Terry Tremaine, Canada – Math professor. Fired. Arrested and held without bail.
  • Texe Marrs – Book banned by Amazon. Jews Brought the Slaves to America.
  • Thies Christophersen, Germany – The Auschwitz Lie. Auschwitz is in my Poland not Germany. Suffered many acid attacks, arson, prison, and attempts on his life and property. Valuable photographs.

  • Tracy Mabe – I was his Legal Assistant. Black robbed his $5 and nearly beheaded him in Vegas.
  • Udo Walendy, Germany – Imprisoned in his 70’s with a serious heart condition. 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials

  • Unite the Right Rally, August 12, 2017 – A-non-violent protest with a legal permit and police cooperation, to save the General Robert E. Lee monument, Charlottesville, Virginia. Jewish mayor, Black Vice-mayor, and newly elected Black chief of police shut down the White peaceful protesters and speakers – Even with a Federal Court Injunction permitting the rally. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, with “no permit” threw feces, urine balloons, rocks, hit the White men with clubs, and sprayed full mace, hydrochloric acid directly in the eyes causing hospitalization, blindness.
  • Ursula Haverbeck – Age 87, Jew laws imprisoned her 10 months.
  • Victor Thorn, top 1% USA IQ. Suicided the day Hillary was nominated by Democrats 2016. Authored four books on Hillary (and Bill) The Sex Volume, The Drug Volume, The Murder volume, Why Hillary shouldn’t be in the White House.
  • Vincent Reynouard, France – exiled in England. Lost 2 wives, 9 children, 4 computers, forced to live in a cellar, fired, money frozen, confiscated 100 books and archives.
  • Walt Disney – Jew Brotherhood from Eastern Europe stole White Thomas Edison’s movie machine and controlled Hollywood except for Disney. Deceived and bankrupted him. He came back, but after his death Jews bought him out and now own all Hollywood. They started it from the first talkie movie about adoring Blacks and worship in a Jew synagogue, 1927, The Jazz Singer, until today.
  • Cleon Skousen, Ex-FBI Agent and Author – Naked Communist. Exposed Jew Karl Marx who said he wanted to destroy God, Jesus, Christianity, and one day Jew Marx’ picture and statue would be worshipped around the globe. Jews bought his book, but did so to shut it down. He outsmarted them and retrieved it back.
  • More White Species Pioneers –
  • White Race History –
  • White Inventors –
  • White Quotes about Jews –
  • World Wide White Nationalist Organizations
  • White websites –
  • Judge Wilhelm Staglich, Germany – Dismissed as judge. Auschwitz: A Judge Looks at the Evidence.
  • William Luther Pierce, Physicist – National Alliance. After I began listening to his 308 audios, someone wiped them off the Internet.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion – Whites put in prison or executed for reading the Protocols.  “To wear everyone out by dissensions, animosities, feuds, famine, inoculation of diseases, want, until the Gentiles see no other way of escape except by an appeal to our money power.”
“To each act of opposition we must be in a position to respond by bringing on war through the neighbors of any country that dares to oppose us, and if these neighbors should plan to stand collectively against us, we must let loose a world war.”

  • Nuremberg War Trials. Almost all Germans were Christians. Jews against White German leaders imprisoned, tortured or hung. Lying testimony and exhibits: Germans used brain bashing machines, melted Jews into bars of soap, shaved hair on heads for mattresses, shrunk their heads, made lampshades from their skin. Many more quote quips on the evils of the Jew controlled Communist Nuremberg War Trials against our White kin Germany, who gallantly fought the Communists but lost. We fought “with” the God-hating Communists under Jew direction who killed 100,000,000 European American Christians only.

Taylor Caldwell, American novelist  Jew Robert Oppenheimer attributed with the completion of the atom bomb which killed 129,000 Christians. His signature is on the order to drop it, not White Missouri President Harry Truman.
I have been boiling mad for years over the ‘war crimes trials,’ (Nuremberg Trials) which I think were despicable and contemptible. Not only were the ‘war crime trials’ one of the blackest spots on our recent black and (Red) history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August 1945 via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution. (Nuremberg Trials) Robert Browning, “It is one more triumph for devils and sorrow for angels: One wrong more to man, and one more insult to God.”
Here’s links which expose the Jew Master Criminals of the Universe. We must begin white country by white country, starting with Poland, and white person by white person, to catalogue every crime they committed against us throughout history both that which is obvious and by also by deception:
What Celebrities Think of Jews:
Here’s just a partial list of the Jew’s partial international and historical domination, monopoly, and tyranny over the White species: past, present, and future.
Food & Drinks
Laws against churches
Laws against Whites
Israeli Lobbies
Worst Spies
Military Matrix
Veterans Organizations
Legal field
Federal Reserve Bank
US Treasury
House of Representative’s Bank
International Monetary Fund
Fort Knox
World Bank
Wall Street
Interest rates
Real Estate
Pawn Shops
Mental Health
Nursing homes
Psychotropic drugs
Liquor business
Illegal drugs
Legal Drugs
Sex Slave Trade / Rape
Schools’ laws
School Curriculum
Book Publishing
Literary Agents
Comic Books
Newspapers, (late 1800s-now)
Amazon-Jews forced banning
Movies (1920’s-now)
Cell Phone Bills
All Entertainment & Agents
Sports & Agents
Art 80%
Retail clothing
Shoe industry
Fur industry
Gold, Silver, Jewels
Nuclear Warheads, Bombs
Poland (1,000 years)
New York City
Las Vegas
Washington DC
United Nations
European Union
Trade Unions
Jewish control pre-World War II in Germany and now in USA today:

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