Autobiography: November 22, 1930, 1946, 1963. Jew Communist Lee Harvey Oswald, Texas Theater, "War is Hell" Assassination White President Kennedy

It’s no coincidence Jews had the movie “War is Hell” playing day of President Kennedy’s assassination November 22, 1963. Jews control 100% movies since 1909, 1927, first talkie. 100%.
Autobiographically speaking, Mama married Daddy on November 22, 1930. Grandma Kopaczewski took a heavy broom to bat down the Jew on our 8332 S. Colfax stairs for Jew wanted to break up Mama’s marriage and claim her as his “own.” Strong Grandma I had.
November 22, 1946, 16 years later, Mama and Daddy made love on their wedding anniversary. Both White Slaves working and slaving for Jews, South Chicago, now home of the 2nd most dangerous group, USA, Black Panthers. It just shows you viciousness of Jews their mentors had against us Whites too poor to flee in White terror.
November 22, 1963, Jews and their Communist imps murder White President Kennedy.
Jews have an entirely pseudo-reality for Whites. Just as they control All Hollywood, they have turned the White Race reality into a mere genocidal movie. Jewish movie playing when “Oswald” was arrested was “War is Hell.” Jews were splattering what they were doing all over the news, even the movie in the theater when he fled and was “caught.” He was caught, because Jews and their imps, most likely Yellow Chinese now, had this worked out ahead of time. Since I’m widow of US Marine Purple Heart who suicided, I studied Jew’s role in wars and using us as mere White Christian starved, wounded, pulverized into White ash, body bags.
Jews were in full swing of a Revolution against the USA. 1960-1970. Seven Jew banking families ruled all 7 Polish tribes, from 1025-1945. Those Polish Jews now rule all of USA, Russian Jews went to Israel.
Every detail of the November 22, 1963, assassination of White President Kennedy by a White man lured into Communism, is Jewish. My autobiography and website shows at least 10 Jew Assassinations of highest Whites: Kings, Queens, Presidents, First Ladies, Archdukes and Duchesses, not to mention White Huey Long. And I only dabble in this Jewish crime against Whites, hence me.

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