Autobiography: Polish ancestry research, Bydgoszcz, 1906, White Diversity

First, in youtube below, there are paintings by Rembrandt, White, of Polish “noblemen.” When I first became White aware, I read 7 Jew Banking families ruled all 7 Polish Tribes and kept us in constant wars, misery, starvation, bankruptcies, and death for 1,000 years. But those Jews were scheming, dishonest, and in cahoots with White Race unsuspecting “noblemen,” of which there were only a few, who Jews made filthy rich. It would be like today, Jews always have one White or Black idol. Say Madonna $280,000,000.00 a year of White $$ and gives it to her black African child and is a poster idol for treating other race babies better than our own White babies. But the rest of the entertainment people, (Whites) live in poverty barely able to survive. In Vegas, I lived on $5,000 a month, and that was temping at legal firms part time. In contrast, the Jewish woman who came from Polish ancestry (almost all do even though they wander other countries) makes $11,000,000.00 an hour sharing her rich Jew husband’s money casino owner who now built first Chinese casino which is better than all Vegas combined. Jews know where the $$ is and they care less now about Whites who are filled to the brim with debt and no cash.  So it was these Jews and these “noblemen” who were rich in Poland and turned the entire nation into slaves which is pretty similar to the USA with people working 94 hours a week, while other races work part time, don’t work, we support, or husband makes big money especially doctors like Jews and other races foreigners or blacks and Browns thru Civil rights. Even White women, except for the White man. Have to hand it to the Jews, they sure knew how to war against us and takeover our men in battle, when our White man didn’t even know it even now.
Whites should study all the different diverse White ethnics of Europe and around the world. We could use this Jew constant “diversity” and race-breaking to genocide White gene pool and instead of adoring and studying black people or browns, etc. we could appreciate our own White diversity: Polish, English, French, Russian, Italian, German, Belgium, Swiss, etc. 31 countries, uniquely diverse. What you see for “my” Poland, you can find out about your own country. It’s costumes, wars, dances, music, religion, castles, history, past, present, and future.
According to aunt’s birth certificate my maternal ancestry is from Bydgoszcz, Poland, Borucinko, Radizow. When I started to write the media about ancestry study in 2002, it was just a passing fancy, now it is #2 past time in the USA.
I’m enjoying a “Mazurka” which I’m learning about in book by White James Mitchener, “Poland.” Of all the travel country books he converts into novel stories, I think Poland is the only European country. He did a book on Hawaii, etc. Before I would have been shocked why anyone would write only and first about Poland, but now 40,000 pages later, I understand.

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