Autopsy: Jew Holocausted, Red-headed Mary Phagan, Confederate Holiday

Mary Phagan’s relative wrote about the jewish Leo Frank, who tortured her sexually and murdered red-headed Mary in 1913. It was on the Confederate Memorial Holiday

The above picture is of Lil’ Mary Phagan Before the jew Leo Frank brutally and sexually tortured and murdered her with his criminal chain-gang accomplice. It was the start of jewish WW I, and II, and all illegal immigration out of old Poland into the USA and Palestine

I’m going through thousands of documents and found this hidden in a long email with another title. 
Jews and their criminal black accomplice holocausted Lil’ Mary Phagan. 

It’s the autopsy of 13-year-old, red-headed Lil’ Mary Phagan. I’ve blogged about this years ago but didn’t’ include this. Jewish Leo Frank brutally murdered her on the Confederate Memorial Holiday. In 1913 when jews started the Fed Reserve Bank, the first act was money for World War I. Also, in 1913, Jews put in President Wilson, blackmailed him with a mistress, and forced him to put the first jew on the Supreme Court, Louis Brandies. All for illegal citizenship out of Poland into the USA and Palestine to be worshipped as devil-gods. 
Frank was jew B’nai Brith’s president. Although sentenced to death, was later commuted by the Governor whose firm handled his case. Jews can’t lose a case. Their venom traps are interwoven. Also, after they lynched him, it was an excuse to start the worldwide disease called the jewish anti-defamation league, ADL. It punishes White men and elevates their jewess to a goddess in a non-stop war against us.
Lil’ Mary was a redhead who supported her mother and family. Picture: BEFORE THE JEWISH TORTURE
It shows her relative who wrote a book about her. 

I first find a recent ton of rabbi and “Cohen” hate articles about the White martyr when I search now. However, Whites can’t remove Jew google articles as they do to ours. We can’t eliminate theirs or put them at the end of the search where no one can find. When her body was found, it was in the position of a virgin, saint, and martyr-like the Catholic White statues.

I bolded the autopsy text if you want to skim—my comments from the letter. I’m shaken to the core as I write this, moved to tears, and then turn my thought away so I can work on projects. I’ll be healed when there’s justice. 
Strands of her red hair were found on a pencil factory machine.

White Autopsy Report in Bold: of Jew beater, rapist, murderer of White 13-year-old girl Little Mary Phagan. He was the first leader of the Anti-Defamation League, ADL, who punishes White Christian (males – it’s invisible war).

[Left Fist Punches the Victims Right Eye]

The bruise around the [right] eye was caused by a soft instrument because it didn’t show the degree of contusion that would have been produced by a hard instrument. The outside cuticle of the skin wasn’t broken. The injury to the [right] eye and scalp were caused before death.


I examined the contents of the stomach, finding 160 cubic centimeters of cabbage and biscuit, or wheaten bread. It had progressed very slightly towards digestion. It is impossible for one to say absolutely how long this cabbage had been in the stomach, but I feel confident that she was either killed or received the blow on the back of the head [From the solid iron handle of the bench lathe found in the metal room] within a half hour after she finished her meal [(According to Mrs. Coleman, 11:30 a.m. is when Mary Phagan ate her last meal)]. I have some cabbage here from two normal people. Here was the same meal taken of cabbage and wheaten bread by two men of the normal stomach, and contents taken out within an hour. We found there was very little cabbage left.


made an examination of the privates of Mary Phagan. I found no spermatozoa. On the walls of the vagina, there were pieces of evidence of violence of some kind. The epithelium was pulled loose, completely detached in places, blood vessels were dilated immediately beneath the surface, and a great deal of hemorrhage in the surrounding tissues. The dilation of the blood vessels indicated to me that the injury had been made in the vagina some little time before death. Perhaps ten to fifteen minutes. It had occurred before death by reason of the fact that these blood vessels were dilated. Inflammation had set in and it takes an appreciable length of time for the process of inflammatory change to begin. There was evidence of violence in the neighborhood of the hymen.

(Did the Jew Leo Frank Supreme Leader of Bnai Brith and now Anti-Defamation League take an instrument and wound her inside her delicate vagina (meant as sacred for White babies only? Whatever that Satanic man did she was bleeding heavily out of the walls of her vagina!!! What Jewish crazed lunatics and now we whites “worship” them as Gods!! )

It seems that he tortured her and left her to die… slowly… as Kosher Rabbi Jews do when they bludgeon cruelly their cows for meals.

(This was written after August 2013, when I was beaten and crippled at the jewish MGM Mandalay Bay. 100 years after the jewish 2013 USA takeover.) 

I can’t write too much. I’ve been beaten pretty badly, and my head and body hurt especially if I sit down for that is where I was beaten along with the bottom of my back. It hurts my whole body especially the top of my head and at end of my spine. It hurts to “think” let alone write. Another Jewish victim bites the dust.)

[Forensics of Strangulation]

The fact that the child was strangled to death was indicated by the lividity, the blueness of the parts, the congestion of the tongue and mouth, and the blueness of the hands and fingernails.

How Jews were collectively going to cover up the crime as the Jews did after World War II and Jew Commies “built” buildings called “gas chambers!” 

[(Exhibit 48 was a bloody stick planted on the first floor of the National Pencil Company factory, by associates of the Leo Frank legal defense team, nearly three weeks (20 days) after the crime, and discovered by Detective McWorth of the Pinkerton Detective Agency.)

Did the Jew murderer “Frank” use that stick to not only first rape her but to damage her womb!!!! That is hatred White Christians never even imagined it was so well hidden secretly.

[Penis, Finger or Object?]

The violence to the private parts might have been produced by the finger or by other means, but I found evidence of violence. It takes a rather considerable knock to tear epithelium off to the extent that bleeding would occur. I found the epithelium completely detached in places and in other places it was not detached.
Jew Frank (like the jew-made goddess, Anne Frank, murdered Mary Phagan and then took her White body to be burned and charred but then removed it. It said in the documents, a person couldn’t identify if Mary was White or black! Our White people today don’t know if they are White, black, Chinese, etc. etc. etc. 

After jewish Leo Frank brutally and sexually tortured he 13-year-old employee, Lil’ Mary Phagan, he holocausted her White skin in a furnace. A chain-gang black criminal was his accomplice. It led to the eventual jewish takeover of all White countries since 1913.

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