Barack & Michelle Obama Calls Malia

As a good White woman, I suffered at 7916 S. Euclid, Chicago, while Black Michelle Obama was catered to and pampered on 7436 S. Euclid, Chicago. My Polish were White Catholic Christian slaves for Jews 1025-1945, her black people were never slaves but only had to work 2 months of the year, in delightful sunshine and health, the highest and most nutritious food, musical instruments, Christians falling all over themselves to help them, government, South Chicago neighbors, South Chicago White churches, well built homes, no stress, discipline so Blacks didn’t turn into drunks on Jew rum. Jews brought the Blacks here and profited. Not Whites, who suffered a tremendous loss until today, 450 years.
Odd, I’m a good woman, the kind the bible sings of, yet my White mother beat me until 22, the nuns beat me because I didn’t have shoes to get to school when only six years old, my brothers beat me terribly, both husbands tried to kill me, I never beat kids or husband as mama did, and the Jews of Vegas had me beaten in front of perhaps 300 people in ¬†audience who did nothing as I got crippled. Who beats the Jewess? Who beats the Blacks? Browns? Yellows? Hindus? Who beats the White bitch and there are a few? Who beats the lesbian who is defiant against the White male? What cowards in the USA to only beat a good White woman, widow of US Marine Purple Heart who sacrificed my life to help others, even and especially Whites. I often want to stop writing and helping Whites who don’t even want it and will attack me for my writings and opinions. But it would help help the Jews continue their madness against Whites (Christians.)
This video almost all negative thumbs, yet is rather hilarious. Someone should make one against the Jewess now. But White Christians worship the Jewess, JAPP, Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal. It’s why Jews had to destroy Jesus’ mother, to replace her with ALL JEWESS’ who we worship unequivocally now..

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