Billionaire Haym Salomon Bribed Guard – American Revolution

Jews named my ancestral kin: “Dumb Polaks” during the USA burlesque period. They named the German National Socialists, “Nazis.” Hence, it’s only fair and just I call them Kikes and I’m being kind after what they did for 1,000 years and are still doing to Whites. Did you notice how many Whites are saying today that “Socialists” are evil. Hence, if I tell someone about German National Socialists their jewish-White mind turns against me.
I was going to make some Lions Mane crab cakes that called for Old Bay Seasoning. Lions’ mane is supposed to be good for clear thinking. I don’t obsess about food, but mostly eat healthily. I have many seasonings so I looked up what Old Bay consisted of. This website shows that Jew Kike Gustav bribed a White Christian National Socialist guard. Where did all the kike crooks and rapists move: “America.” Old Bay Seasoning: I will NOT use it. I’ll use White salt and White pepper for my crabcakes.
“It was World War II and a man named Gustav Brunn, a German Jew, was sent to the Buchenwald concentration camp.  His family managed to bribe the Nazi soldiers to release him for a hefty sum of 10,000 marks and then hastily made preparations to flee to the United States.  He had to leave virtually everything behind but there was one item he couldn’t part with:  His small spice grinder.  Clutching his meager belongings he escaped from Germany and arrived in what would become his new home of Maryland, USA.  He soon got a job working for America’s largest spice company, McCormick, but was fired after only a week because of his lack of English skills.  But Brunn didn’t let that stop him.”Jew Haym Salomon, Polish banker, Revolutionary War, was the first permanent US Jew and worth $40 billion for his war chest. Today, we have Jewess bankers who hijacked the top 3 banking treasuries for their 1,000 year continuous wars and against Whites (Christians.)