Black Barach Hussein Pardons Worse spy in USA history: Jew Jonathan Pollard

I wrote about this before and don’t repeat myself. But I found this on another site so adding. Jew Jonathan Pollard said he did the spying for money, jewels and politics (for Israel criminal state, which I think he fled to. Jews around Europe would create havoc and the White Europeans kicked them out 106 times. It seems to me, and more research has to be done by others, especially schools who have time and $$ and reasons to study these subjects, Jews ran from those 106 expulsions back into . . . my Poland, their Kingdom of Heaven, Paradise, Golden Age, as Israel and USA are now for them, and Whites in genocidal dungeons of hell as Jews kept my White Polish in for 1,000 years.
In this article about the Jew scoundrel, Judah P. Benjamin, who would laugh and whistle during Civil War for he knew whether North or South would win, Jews win. He’d glide through the Southern Confederate’s government house and senate and laugh, while the White men were in agony over what was happening to the South. Should have never allowed Jews and / or Black workers, Jews mislabeled “slaves.” It berates my life as a White slave for Jews, my parents, and Vietnam Veteran who slaved for the Jews and their imps. Surely many White imps.
Pollard stole so many White USA papers, it would be 10′ x 10′ x 6′. The Jews are so confident, this is a piece of cake to constantly attack White Race Rights.
From what I gather, Jew Pollard and Jewess Mrs. Pollard fled back to Israel, as did the #1 Crime Syndicate Master of all time, Meyer Lansky, Murder, Inc., ran to when he got off scot-free, and the White Italians were punished and sent to prison

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