Black Colin Powell, Jew Yiddish and 9/11

Black Colin Powell and 9/11?! Colin Powell was selected by White George Bush as Secretary of State… which coincidentally… was during the 9/11 conspiracy against Whites.
Colin Powell, at the highest level during 9/11 tragedy which I’ve already demanded an investigation thru Facebook (Whites can’t get to talk to the top as Jews can for millenniums, even the powerful High Priestess Jewess on a pedestal for doing nothing.) But Colin Powell, as a Black man speaks YIDDISH which is old Jewish which Whites don’t even know to break the Jewish code as to how they managed to takeover an entire race, several continents, all the countries we live in, our banks, our women, boys, schools, land, mountains, air, medical, dental, Harvard, Yale, White Ivy league schools, newspapers, art, entertainment, TV, radio,… etc. etc. (any form of “communication” while silencing Whites.
Was Colin Powell the head of some army within the USA but that no Whites know about only Jew Communists, Black Communists and now Yellow Chinese Communists. And Whites are in some kind of a nightmare they can’t wake up from.
In this quote below about the “white sheep” being “mediocre,” Colin Powell tells Whites to “stop trying to get everyone to like you. It’s a sign of mediocrity.
So Whites. Let’s take heed from our Blacks who we are “supposedly” smarter than, but all the blacks know about the jews, but only a handful of Whites and those that do have either been murdered, fined, tortured, hacked, phones tapped, suicided, burnt out, fired from jobs, banned from other jobs, White Rights smashed to ashes like they did “7” World Trade Centers apparently a “Yiddish” affair. Whites have been imprisoned, some several times, forced into bankruptcy or lost homes to pay for lawyers to try to stand up to powerful billionaire Jews who handle 870 trillions dollars of global economy.
Let’s take Colin Powell the Yiddish, (Jewish) speaking former head of the entire State of USA, to stop getting all the races to “like us as Whites.” It’s over. This Jewish madness is now over. Whites don’t have to get Jews to like us. Not our lawyer, doctor, banker, art dealer, agent, Drug lord. We Whites can now vow and make a sacred pledge we don’t have to get “Blacks” to like us. We don’t have to look at them, or smile at their babies, or look at the sad faces of African babies with flies all over them to get bags of corn or $$. We don’t have to get Browns to like us. I have to admit the other races are sometimes more friendly and not as mean to me as Whites. I often border on quitting and hopefully I will finish my book and leave it at that. Whites have caused me too much pain and suffering even until today, and that is 66 years from my Mama’s womb and Daddy’s sperm. If Jews taught us to fight and hate, especially the good ones, there is no sense in saving that part of the White Race. It is not Christian, nor even sane for our species.
We don’t have to get the Hindus who do yoga and meditate to like us or give up our White identity to “imitate” them. If they really have something worthwhile fine, but almost “none” of the 1.0 billion Red/Black/Brown Hindus do yoga or meditate. They are taking courses to find out how to steal your job! Land. Doctor’s positions, engineer positions, computer tech positions etc. While we are out doing yoga. Although exercise is good, but be so wise as serpents, harmless as doves. (doing 9/11 to Whites is not harmless, but the ultimate crime against a Race and Country.)
We don’t have to get the Red Indians to like us anymore. I absolve Whites of any more guilt over Reds. Jews are killing Palestinians like crazy, smashing their homes, bombing them, faking suicide bombers and pretending the Palestinians are doing it when we “know” the bombers are Jews from Oppenheimer and his atom bomb, to Jew Menachem Begin, who bombed and murdered 91 at the… King David Hotel.. as a sign that the Jews are the Chosen Ones, self-appointed, even though the Bible says the Chosen will come from line of David.
We don’t have to get the yellows to like us. Just because they are now the #1 power on books, with all that money they sucked out from Whites, it doesn’t mean we have to worship them. Whites have nothing to lose. We are not going to be here in 100 years .The ones that are probably would be better off not being born for the other races are going so far ahead of us, while we are still being damaged intentionally.
“We’ve been down this road many times. Black “Conservatives” like General Colin Powel and ex-Liberals Jews were supposedly embracing New Conservatives/Neo Conservatism – giving up terrible Liberalism that just didn’t work. New Conservative Blacks, Jews, Gays, 3rd world immigrants were supposedly embracing American Conservative, family values and free markets. The sad reality turned out that Colin Powel was caught wilding celebrating Obama’s election with Black African students, Blacks continue to vote 95% Lib Democrat and American Jews continue to vote > 80% Lib Democrat, same as they have in every presidential election since the 1920s.
This week, the terrible, Jew Lib Democrat newspaper/rag the Washington Post has appointed a new writer to present an alternative “Conservative” point of view: meet Jennifer Rubin – a Jewess so ugly that even Bill Clinton wouldn’t try to have sex with her!”
Here’s Colin Powell the Black Yiddish Jew in charge of military for 9/11. Is that why the military didn’t catch the planes going into New York. Is Black Colin Powell the reason why no planes went to stop the planes that hit the 2 Towers containing mostly White people or the plane that hit the Pentagon or the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, which probably was supposed to hit Building 7 but the Communist Blacks, Jew Commies and Chinese Commies stopped any planes from giving help. It was soooo rigged. I read that some Blacks and Hispanics were killed in 9/11 but that was because their Brown Supreme Court Justice Soto Mayer voted “against” White men who thought their White Civil Rights were violated, so the colored were put in there for Points from the government and tax deductions etc.

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