Black Female Spy against White Plantation Kind Owner and Boos

Civil War: Black Female Spy, (see below) turns treasonous towards the White owner of Plantation where she lived indoors in the “Big House!” Black women and men actually ruling the mansion as was the case of Black women over the White Southern women whose husbands owned Plantations. Think of the White ancestors of the Southern Plantation owners for 200 years suffering under Jews and Blacks. First Jews gouge the White with black farm workers who “shuffle” and fool White bosses to make Whites believe they are working. Second, Jews conned us by charging exorbitant prices when Jews picked up Black people who didn’t know the first thing about holding a job or working by giving black African Kings “rum” Jews distilled for low prices in Rhode Island. In checking Jew history one of their biggest trades and skills was “glass blowing”…. for booze to break down other races when they never touch the stuff. Whites turned into putty under this Jewish scheme for 900 years Poland and also Europe, Russia, Germany and now USA.
For this Black woman, who doesn’t deserve to be called a woman but a spy or wretched traitor to her employer, to have a book written about her as another Black heroine for Whites to worship and the world like a modern day Anne Frank, is disgusting. If Whites disagree, let me know, for perhaps I should give this up and just relax on the ocean front with my retirement money from Veteran’s pension. There are 700,000,000 Whites that can be objected or trying to survive or unite on their own. Everything to survive is already programmed in us.

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