Black Obama Raids My Neighborhood

Two years ago, I volunteered for a Republican Candidate, who was a Mormon, and who was opposing the Jewish Princess, Shelley Berkley. (In Lil’ Israel, Vegas, she didn’t have a hard time & won. She is now running for Senator, and since Republicans don’t seem to have a chance here in Nevada/Vegas (Jews and their imps) she is a shoe in. Do the Jewish Supremacists ever lose at anything they do. No wonder we worship them.
While I worked for him, I made 2 commercials. Oh by the way, I “must” say his name was White Kenneth Wegner. I always tell the “Jewish” name which really works for them instead of against them, but forget the White name. It is said in metaphysics if you have to look at error in the mud, look at it “1” time, but declare the spiritual truth, “5” times. So here is his name 5 times to eliminate the name of the Jewess Princess in both your name and mine: Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner, Ken Wegner.
One of the commercials I did really blasted her. But then he called me to do another one, which was kind on her. Someone must have gotten to him and “advised” him and we know how Jews advise. We must really watch out for that. Why? Because we as Christians pray to God. And rightfully and most importantly so. But then we “wait for an answer.” And sometimes, if not most times, our answers seem to come from this pseudo-reality, which is Jewish. So “who” is guiding us. God, the spiritual highest and Supreme, or the Jewish Supremacists…. the collective tribe. We don’t need to see them as individuals as I named above for the Jewess, but now as a collective Mafia tribe. And when you think of “tribe’ think of the African cannibal tribes ready to devour God, Christ Jesus, Christianity, our minds, bodies, health, and for what? For $$$$$.
I also hosted an internet radio show for him, the Judge that was running and I was the first non-Mormon guest hostess. I didn’t know what was required of me, and they had to encourage me to talk for they did most of the talking, but they were polite and asked for my input when I was just listening to them attentively.
So, just now, I got a call at the door. Black Obama is sending his “White” army to our Mobile Home Park for Citizens. And these lonely people are just ready for some advice or literature or company. Even a friendly face.
I was the one, that told the Republican Party to come to my trailer park. They were sending out flyers to walking house to house in “rich” neighborhoods, but the walk between houses was so long, that few could be distributed. In the mobile home park, or even apartment buildings, one can distribute or ring the doorbells as this White man did, and give out a lot.
So the Jewish Tribe have got their Obama campaign organized very early. They have never come here before. Last time he ran it was “all white women” that I got calls from, begging me to vote for him, come to free lunches or meetings, etc. Yes, they have driven our White women to nervous breakdowns and they are now insane. Oh well.

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