Black Roots vs White Roots

“Treason” and Black “Roots” 8 part TV series by Alex Roots.
I went to a meeting yesterday for book publishing and learned quite a bit. I will begin using the ideas right away. But lo and behold, who should be on stage as the first and most prominent speaker: Black Alex Haley’s wife! Writing her own book… about… a Black worker in a Southern Mansion who betrayed her boss owner and was a “spy,” and treasonous towards the White South Confederacy.
Her book has a Confederate Flag on the front. Note carefully the black hands holding a pin cushion in form of Confederate Flag and all the needles and pins to burst the White people living there. Jews totally lied about the South and Slavery.
The book talks of Treason how Mary betrayed the South who had housed and fed her for 200 years! That is why if Whites ever think they can appease their new gods: Jews, Blacks, Reds, Browns, Yellows, Muslims, it is never going to happen. They work together against us, and work within their tribe for themselves.
But what the Haley’s wife, the author said, made me again realize that what I wrote was true. The Blacks were not “slaves” they were overpaid and overpampered workers that cost all the Whites of the South their Treasury and they had a big one. Jews like Big Treasuries and surely Jews are already at work in China against us.
Haley’s wife said she soooo admired this Black woman for committing Treason. (Can you imagine if I started to right about treasonous things against the government? I wouldn’t want to? I still happen to live here and hope to stop the Jewish block busting against us for their $$$.)
Haley’s wife said that this Black Mary had the highest class of life possible. Not just for a “Black” (my own words) but for any race. While this was going on there were plenty of Irish and other Whites who lived off the farmland in shacks like Elvis’ mother and father, who were really the ones that people were “prejudice” against! Haley’s wife said that Black Mary, Queen of Treason and a spy, had the best home possible, she had high ranking (in fact Black women and men ran the plantations and were treated as equals if not higher than Whites on their plantations as Blacks, etc are higher than Whites in our country. Black Mary had the best of food, (not starving like me as White slaves for Jews for 900 years) she had the best of clothing, ( as I just wrote this last week, Blacks had brand new hand sewn garments,) Black Mary had the most pleasures and conveniences for they lived just as the rich did.
Haley’s wife said that she didn’t live like the slaves. Pardon me, but those “slaves” were nothing more than Black farmers when Whites could have gotten all the White farmers from Europe already speaking English, trained, and we could have all united to help our White species progress. It is why Jews started Revolutionary War so Whites would be disconnected from European Whites, our ancestors!”
I mentioned I want to finish by book and have option of paying for it to be turned movie. But Mrs. Haley mentioned how Hollywood (Jews) treated her so well, (like a Black king and queen). They didn’t have to do hardly anything to get that series going. The (Jews) had limousines picking them up left and right, they made so much $$$, travel, advertising, marketing and everything was done for her and him. Must be nice to have black skin and write about your roots.
What about my White roots, ancestry and autobiography? Why aren’t the Jews banging down my door to put it into an 8 part series? How about the Whites? Bill Gates richest man in world is giving his fortune made by selling computers to Whites but turns around and gives all his $$ to Jews, blacks and browns.  Where are the limousines for me.
She even mentioned when she started to write the book she couldn’t for she didn’t think like a spy. Could this be a “lie” book Jews are publishing for they control Book Publishing and nearly every single book we have read. If Whites wrote books or published them they had to meet Jewish rules, which are anti-White, pro-Jew, pro-black, pro-Brown, pro-Red, pro-Yellow, etc.
“From the widow and collaborator of Alex Haley, award-winning author of Roots, comes a new American epic from the Civil War. The Treason of Mary Louvestre is based on the true story of a seamstress slave from the Confederate town of Norfolk, Virginia. When her owner gets involved with modifications to the ironclad CSS Virginia, Mary copies the plans and sets out to commit treason against the South. Facing certain death as a spy if caught, she treks two hundred miles during the bitter winter of 1862 to reach the office of Union Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles, where she hands over the plans. Mary’s act of bravery is ably told by Haley, using a rich narrative and characters drawn from that pinnacle era of American history. First there was Roots, now there is The Treason of Mary Louvestre.”
Mrs. Haley said that she didn’t know how to write the book but then she got a friend from the “FBI” (must be nice to have such close friends as the FBI, must be nice to have black skin and not a White skinned outcast.)
The book is selling high on Amazon and usually one can buy a used one for pennies, but not her Black book for Whites and world adore Blacks like Voo-Doo gods and goddesses. Perhaps it isn’t adoring but accumulated layers of fear which replaced our White skin and epidermis.

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