Black Supreme Court Justice White Wife

I sent letters to all the Supreme Court justices asking to free attorney Edgar Steele, pro-White, who died away from family in a secret prison. Clarence Thomas was one of them. 
I didn’t realize that black Clarence Thomas’s wife was White. The Bible forbids this since the book of Numbers. Whatever happened in the past is the past. We must enlighten our white children that the parents’ egg and sperm are sacred. Germans knew that. So did the California White eugenic professors even before Hitler. 
The Whites are promoting race-breaking and would attack someone like me for freedom of speech for “their” rights.  
I know of religions where the preacher is Black and has a harem of White women singing and dancing to gospel music. Then the black preacher takes them to Africa to “meet” the black natives who are hot to trot, lazy, filthy, and their African women have to beat them to work. Matriarchal. Toughest women!  6 times a year, the black preachers are commanding these White women to go to Africa! 750,000,000 who create 15 babies each. These same White women leave their husbands, sons, fathers, and all White men to turn into White ashes. God help us !

Churches are demanding this, but this isn’t Christianity or the Bible. Jewish laws and White slaves.

Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words