Blacks Rape and Stone White Woman in South Africa: Black onlookers act like business as usual

Blacks brutally rape White woman, then stone her. Note in South Africa, the other Blacks passing by act like it is “business as usual.” Is that coming here for Whites? Or when it it be here? It is very graphic and warn you if a woman it is beyond what a White woman should have to endure to get beaten so brutally in front of an audience that casually walks or rides by. Why did we ever ever help the blacks for 400 years? It is absolutely terrible. I talked to a White woman from South Africa and she gleefully told me that she and her Jewish husband cheer at scenes like this on South African (Jew) TV! Do you suppose the Jews have the 92% of the other races cheering at their genocide and torture of us, such as 9/11, World War I, II, Civil War, Revolutionary War, now in Middle East war……. And not a penny or even a single thought for our survival!

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    1. Yes, the Whites spoiled the Blacks rotten for 400 years and continue to do so with the welfare recipients in the White House! The Jew slave (worker) traders connived the Whites of the South for the South had most of the $$$ in the USA at the time. Jews smell White money as one might smell a rose or a good home cooked meal wafting through the house. Jews convinced the Whites of the tremendous value the Blacks had for them. In truth, Whites could have and should have gotten White people from Europe, even Whites with problems, for we would have had to face and heal those problems at some point. Now we have all the other races going like gang busters, united, and ahead of us, leaving us in a trail of dust behind them. Yet we pushed them ahead of us. Until today, the Whites are over-worked and exhausted from carrying the greedy Jews and the other races on our back and still trying to run a race race. Whites don’t see themselves as the slaves, but “feel sorry” for others, including and especially the rich Jews. Yet the Jews “laugh” at us, as they do with their White Gentile wives in South Africa, everytime they see a horrible news item like this. Yet what if it was one of their own Jewess woman being brutally gang raped by savages, then stoned to death? There is famous saying JAPP, Jewish American Princess on a Pedestal. If the Jewess is on a pedestal, then the White woman is a worm grovelling at her stinky feet! And this is Jew-SA! Thanks for reply. Good Day to You and Yours. Keep up the hope of a good day. Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow a vision. Make the most of today to be the best you can be. Not to compare to Jews and other races, but to gauge yourself. If all Whites did that, we would be on a road of uplifting our race.

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