Bloody Sunday White Civil Rights

See two short youtubes below: I sang this song during my Scottish / Irish tribute on St. Patrick’s Day with my Irish costumes. Chicago dubbed me “Lady Leprechaun” when “Trader Todd’s,” asked me to be in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. I replied, “Can I wear a costume?” The rest is history.

I sang this in Branson Missouri. U2’s “Bloody Sunday.” I weep tears as I watched. I keep telling myself it can’t be that bad for Whites.

I’m not advocating a White Civil War. Jews outnumbered us 92-1. We need to heal and help one another. Whites better wake up and quick. Daddy would say, “Snap out of your dreams!” It’s a Jewish American dream from 1928, all pre-planned and in full operation today four generations later.

White Civil War
U2’s “Sunday Bloody Sunday” about a White Civil War.