“The Future” Song Lyrics

The song below is by jewish Leonard Cohen, who admits to their devilish nature! For Christianity to be the laughing stock of the world is blasphemous. It gives us a futurist look at what Whites have, are, and will suffer. When the jew sings that they will hang white women with their skirts upside down, […]

National Socialist Leader Library

Almost no one has visited the Library of Congress where there are 1,200 of Hitler’s library books. He had ten times that amount, but the jew-led Commies burned them. Jews even had burned the book plates in the USA saying they needed the metal for war. And Whites adoring Jews, “believe” whatever they say. We […]

St. Louis Mayor Exposed the Jews

​My book is on 1,000 years and the Jew Bolsheviks. I write of several ways I’ve already changed history. My autobiography is the first to go out to the media. Radio DJ, October 10, 2002. I still have the original long first emails.Russian Nobel Peace Prize Winner Solzhenitsyn, who Putin not only awarded but also […]