Looking Up Jewish Last Names

My White Christian Polish family of 15 were slaves to Jews in South Chicago. My ancestors were the worst treated slaves in history under jews and jewesses. Bankers, royalty, warlords, and alcohol distillers and distributors. Alcohol/war, 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. Some of Auschwitz, Poland, work NOT death camp buildings, were related to alcohol distribution and […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26-7

First, “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans.” Here’s Pastor Eli James and my book interview. Also, pix below. I believe, Jesus was White, Caucasian. https://archive.org/details/im-fearlessly-white-chapter-26-part-7 In addition, the pictures I inserted are below. the Bible I bought below is tremendous. I use it for my relationship with the Divine, Highest, I call God. I need […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26 Part 6

Hello Folks! First, here’s my link from my book I’m Fearlessly White 1,000 Years with the Jews, “Jews Killed Jesus NOT the Romans.” I experimented with awesome “Re-action” effects, but archive.org didn’t work with them. I had to figure out what went wrong and solve it myself. If this doesn’t work, please let me know. […]

Jew Gangsters Cheat Government

Quick note. I’ve already researched, wrote, and filmed about jewish and jewess gangsters. Their “women” teach their boys at a young age and now it’s their norm. Questioning President Trumps’ finances Even as far back as jewess criminal leader, Emma Gold-man, she masterminded the assassination of President White William McKinley. She also instigated the near […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26 Part 5

Hello Eurofolks, Here’s this week’s movie for the chapter, “Jews Killed White Jesus NOT the Romans.” https://archive.org/details/im-fearlessly-white-chapter-26-part-5 To begin, this 26th chapter was to be about more jewish crimes as were the first 1,000 pages! After all, jews and jewesses controlled Poland for 1,000 years. Hence, a page for each year exposing their enslavement of […]