Mrs. Eva Braun Hitler?

As I attached photos on my free book’s chapter of the week, I found this Mrs. Eva Braun Hitler image. Indeed, I read her biography, and the author stated that she was the “entertainer” of the German National Socialists before and during World War II. I also, have sewed/designed over 300 costumes, including gowns for […]

I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 24-3 Jewish Assassinated White Leaders.

Jews assassinated White leaders since John the Baptist’s day, Jesus’ cousin, through their mind assassination of President Trump. Note White Biden’s top 12 choices were Jews, Jewish Vice-President’s son-in-law, and Jew Schumer who now controls the entire United State Senate. Even our Supreme Court has no White Protestant males. Jews assassinated the White man and […]

My White Business Skills

In 1992, I worked at the #1 Roadway Transportation Company. I volunteered as a Union employee. I studied the White Dr. Deming Total Quality Management theory. TQM. My supervisor, Mike Lamphere, former US Marine, asked me to lead a TQM meeting. The company gave me an unlimited checkbook. Yet, my ideas were reasoned from my […]