My White Polish Daddy & How the Jews Destroyed Him

[youtube=][youtube=] Here is my Daddy’s favorite song that I make reference to below. He would sing it to all of us and not only was the “worker” of the family, but the entertainer as well, and we children and Mama and Grandpa was his audience. It is almost 9 minutes, so I don’t blame you […]

Black Man Throws acid in White Blonde's Face & Rapes her

Since the South lost the Civil War, where White men could “protect their White women and children, women like me go unprotected and at the mercy of a country and government that is “anti-White.” I found this on Also, this is from the website of another tragedy, right here in the US, of […]

Famous David Irving, English White World War II historian trip to Hitler's Germany and Poland

 If you click on the pdf file, you can bring up the 4 page colored brochure of a trip coming up in April, with David Irving visiting Hitler’s Germany, and Poland. As you know, David Irving is the chief historian on the knowledge of World War II. He is from England, and he read all […]

4-CROATIA-Massacre of the Alien Race-by Jews: Pope Pius XII-Hitler

This is probably the most unusual thing I read in this book. That the Croatian Catholic “Ustashe” which I referred to earlier, actually had the worse massacre of non-Catholics ever in history…. just before Hitler. From Their name derives from the verb ustati which means “to rise” or “to stand-up,” hence ustaša would mean […]

3-3-Massacre of the Alien Race-by Jews: Pope Pius XII-Hitler

Well, you better get ready for another anti-bomb on your mind, as I found this very shattering.   In the book, “Hitler’s Pope,” it states that Hitler was “not” the first to exterminate Jews, the Catholic Croatians were.   I will talk a little about the “Worse” massacre in history, and it wasn’t done by […]

White Germans Books for Children to Expose Jewish Race

After Hitler and the Nazis “burned” all the Jewish books, (not the Jews, just their books) the White Germans began to set themselves on a path of determining their own destiny of themselves and their children.  They were going to “learn together” what it is like to live as White Germans, away from Jewish domination, […]