Cats Eat Rodents!

New York, where Jews rule, are run over by deadly rats and rodents… we know they are Jews… but their animal part is the rodent. It is also said that 85% of all buildings in New Jew York are loaded with bedbugs! And the % is rising! Nothing like having Jewish Masters.
I got my Mobile Home Park letter and there is an ordinance that cats have to be spayed and neutered and dogs, but at the same time, there are cats in the park that are intentionally left to roam to “keep away rodents, bugs, etc for Cats eat them!” I can really see why cats are important.
Oh dear! I got rid of 13 thru cages. I wish I could bring them back, for I can’t stand pests. We actually invite human pests into America, illegal brown Mex’s, their sex’s and their babies, we take all the prisoners from Haitian prisons and the people from their insane asylums and give them “refuge” and a Life of Riley on White Tax dollars for they don’t work, work under the table, etc.
I’m glad I got 2 cats for their “scent” might ward off evil mice. (Too bad they didn’t ward off evil Jews, blacks, browns, etc that have victimized me. But then I guess I just have no choice but to suffer as Jesus did when he was beaten bloody and then murdered.)
I wanted to get a clip from the “Life of Riley,” but came up with this British Sit Com. Note how the Blonde buxom woman is seated next to dark man, and that the blonde even sort of leans her head towards the dark man.
Our minds are like magnets, and can process at least 11 times what we are doing now. This is why when a black rapes a White man, she can “get over it,” instead of fighting back or spending the rest of her life in protests against Black rapes, for the White woman has been utterly and repeatedly 24/7 to not only “accept” this brainwashing, but there are famous books on Sexual Fantasy by Nancy Friday that teaches White women to fantasize about getting raped by a black man and what “pleasure” it would be. This sickness just gets worse.

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